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Fluttershy & Honey Rays Charm Wings Unboxing & Review
In the past few weeks we've finally been able to get some Cutie Mark Magic stuff! We've made (and will make some more) videos of the merch and share them, including our thoughts on YouTube and here on All About MLP Merch.
Today we show you our Fluttershy and Honey Rays Charm Wings brushables which we were able to pick up. You can watch the video embedded below or on YouTube.

Sweetie Drops Cutie Mark Magic BrushableHoney Rays Charm Wings Brushable
They already start to appear in several stores. But for those who want to buy the single Cutie Mark Magic brushables or the charm wings ones online, you can now also order them on Amazon. The single brushables are available for $9.99 and the Charm Wings ones for $11.99.


- Applejack
- Rainbow Dash
- Skywishes
- Sunset Shimmer
- Sweetie Drops
- Twilight Sparkle

Charm Wings:
- Fluttershy
- Honey Rays
- Rainbow Dash

MLP Cutie Mark Magic Princess Cadance Fashion Style
Many new ponies and dolls have been added on the Toys"R"Us website. Amongst them are the Cutie Mark Magic Charm Wings ponies, Cutie Mark Magic Fashion Style ponies and the Rainbow Rocks Slumber Party dolls.
As of lately Toys"R"Us Canada has been listing many of the new ponies and is yet again very early in listing these ponies and dolls. The slumber party dolls have also been found in stores, and I guess that the Princess Cadance and Sunset Shimmer fashion style ponies will be available in stores soon too (if not already).
Below we have all listings of the newly added ponies:

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Honey Rays Cutie Mark Magic Charm Wings BrushableSpitfire Hasbro Pop Wing Kit
It seems Smyths (UK) has listed some brand new Cutie Mark Magic merch on their website! We are talking about the Cutie Mark Magic Charm Wings Brushables and the Water Cuties as well! It turns out they also have listed the 3 Hasbro Pop Wing kits!

The Charm Wings Brushable have a price-tag of £9.99 each and are available on the 5th of December 2014. The Water Cuties Brushables will be available for £8.99 and are available on the same day as the Charm Wings ones. The Wing Kits will have a retail price of £10.99 and will be available a few days later. On the 9th of December to be exact.

Listings here!
- Cutie Mark Magic Water Cuties Brushables
- Cutie Mark Magic Charm Wings Brushables
- Hasbro Pop Wing Kits

Thanks to Katy for the heads up! Have some more details about the listings below.

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Honey Rays Cutie Mark Magic Charm Wings Brushable Without Wings
About 2 weeks ago we posted about the stock images of the Cutie Mark Magic Charm Wings Honey Rays Brushable (long name!) that has been listed on Amazon. But now she has appeared loose as well on Taobao, the thing is, now we can see how the wings are attached to her body, from the looks of it she has a small hole on her back were you need to clip the wings into. Still it isn't that clear to see, so there is a change that it's a bit different, but for those who would like to display her without wings, it seems like that the hole will be visible so perhaps you can cover it with her mane.

Honey Rays Cutie Mark Magic Charm Wings Brushable
 That was fast! After we found images of the Rainbow Dash and Fluttershy Charm Wings Brushables, we now have found images of Honey Rays as well! Yay, a new character! She also appeared as a Blind Bag in Wave 9. Like the other 2, you can swap the charms she has on her wings.

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Cutie Mark Magic Friendship Charm Wings Fluttershy Brushable

We found a LOT of new listings on Amazon. You might remember the Fluttershy with the plastic wings we found on Taobao some days ago. We now know what they will be. They will be ponies with plastic wings and friendship charms you can probably hang into the wings. We also have found a listing for a Glamour Glow Rarity which we also included here.

Again no other information then the listings. But we let you know as soon as we know more!
Want to share this info? Please take note of the effort we put in finding and researching this merch. We'd appreciate a link back!