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MLP Explore Equestria Crystal Mini CollectionMLP Explore Equestria Crystal Mini Collection
And at last one of the last Blind Bag Mysteries has been solved as well. It all started with the Glitter Princesses and Shining Armor who all appeared on Taobao and Ebay, then we also got some Wave 13 Looking Blind Bags and we thought they were perhaps for Wave 18 but today this set was found at ASDA and we can see that most of them are included in this set. It contains a total of 9 ponies:

  • Diamond Mint
  • Fluttershy
  • Green Jewel
  • Pinkie Pie
  • Princess Cadance
  • Princess Celestia
  • Princess Luna
  • Royal Ribbon
  • Shining Armor
  • Twilight Sparkle

This set will retail for £20.00 and no online listing has been found so far. It's also unsure if this is an ASDA exclusive,

Thank a lot to SETC for the heads up!

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Review Marathon #4 - Water Cuties
In today's Review Marathon episode we take a look at the Rarity and Diamond Mint Water Cuties. This is the first wave of Water Cuties figures, which also contains Pinkie Pie. The figures are comparable to the Rainbow Shimmer figures, but with another mold.
You can watch the video on YouTube, or embedded below:

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Honey Rays Cutie Mark Magic Charm Wings BrushableSpitfire Hasbro Pop Wing Kit
It seems Smyths (UK) has listed some brand new Cutie Mark Magic merch on their website! We are talking about the Cutie Mark Magic Charm Wings Brushables and the Water Cuties as well! It turns out they also have listed the 3 Hasbro Pop Wing kits!

The Charm Wings Brushable have a price-tag of £9.99 each and are available on the 5th of December 2014. The Water Cuties Brushables will be available for £8.99 and are available on the same day as the Charm Wings ones. The Wing Kits will have a retail price of £10.99 and will be available a few days later. On the 9th of December to be exact.

Listings here!
- Cutie Mark Magic Water Cuties Brushables
- Cutie Mark Magic Charm Wings Brushables
- Hasbro Pop Wing Kits

Thanks to Katy for the heads up! Have some more details about the listings below.

Diamond Mint Cutie Mark Magic Water Cutie BrushableDiamond Mint Cutie Mark Magic Water Cutie Brushable

And it seems like we finally got pictures of the announced Water Cuties Brushables. It turns out that these will be like the Rainbow Shimmer (snow globe) Princess Ponies but now in Brushable size. We also see a new character called Diamond Mint who also appeared as a blind bag in wave 10.

And this new line of figures was also spotted on Amazon today: Water Cuties as a sub-line of the Cutie Mark Magic line featuring Diamond Mint, Pinkie Pie & Rarity so far. This line will be a new take on the Rainbow Shimmer line of watter filled ponies, but this time only the wings will be filled with water! A pretty weird selection of ponies if you ask me, since none of the ponies actually have wings in the show (Rarity confirmed for alicorn, eh?).
All of these brushables have very new Hasbro product codes (Bxxxx) and have no image, price or release date available yet.
Below you can read the full descriptions and we'll let you know when more info arrives!
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