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Hot Topic has listed 2 interesting items. The first one is their variant for the Friendship is Magic #24 Comic and the first of the Siege of Crystal Empire Story Arc. All the Hot topic covers for this story arc are designed by Tony Fleecs and they are supposed to form one big image when you combine them all. You can order it here for $5.50.

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MLP Friendship is Magic #34 Cover A by Andy PriceMLP Friendship is Magic #34 Subscription Cover by Sara Richard

We have more comic news for you. Issue #34 of the Friendship is Magic Series has been released. This is also the first of the four issues for the "Siege of the Crystal Empire" Story Arc. There are a total of 5 covers for this issue:
  • Cover A by Andy Price
  • Subscription Cover by Sara Richard
  • RI Cover by Stewart McKenny
  • Hot Topic cover by Tony Fleecs
  • Salt Lake Comic Con Exclusive Cover by Tony Fleecs

Rainbow Dash Magazine Figure and Book
First we thought that the magazine figures would only come together with the official magazine. But it turns out some of them come with other things as well. For example, the Rainbow Dash magazine figure has been found at Tesco Poland together with a book from the company called "Egmont". We have no idea what's inside but judging by the cover it's most likely the episode "The Wonderbolt Academy" made in book form.

Thanks to Maja Pony for the heads up and for providing the image!