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MLP Possible High Winds Wonderbolt Blind BagMLP Possible Spitfire Wonderbolt Blind Bag
And again several new Wonderbolt themed Blind Bags have appeared on Taobao/Ebay as two more have been found. The first one looks like a Spitfire without her "mask" but all the Wonderbolts kinda look like each other so it could also be someone else. The second one that has been found looks in color a bit like Soarin but since he has already been found I think this one is actually High Winds since she also has female eyes.

New Misty Fly Wonderbolt Blind Bag Spotted
After the initial spot of two new Wonderbolt blind bags it was inevitable that a 3rd one would follow: Misty Fly. This blind bag was only ever released in wave 7, and it's really going to look like a re-release for the Wonderbolts later this year.
It's also interesting that this blind bag was spotted on Taobao, which means that blind bag production in China has not moved to India.
Thanks to Valezri for letting us know!