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My Little Pony Rainbow Dash 3D Figural Pillow with Sleeping Bag
Walmart has listed an interesting new item. It's a Rainbow Dash Pillow that comes combined with a MLP Themed Sleeping Bag. The brand is currenlty unknown but Im guessing it's Pillowpets because the others from this series (TMNT and Paw Patrol) closely resemble the designs of the Pillow Pets ones. If somebody can confirm this that would be great!

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MLP Rainbow Dash My Pillow Pets Dream Lites Plush
The regular Pillow Pets of Rainbow Dash and Twilight Sparkle have already been released. But during the NY Toy Fair we also got to see "Dream Lites" versions of the two. For some reason we never heard about them after the fair but it turns out they actually are already available as both Rainbow Dash and Twilight have been found at Walmart.

For those wondering what these are. These have the same concept as the Twinkle Star Lights plush by Funrise. When you turn her on some lovely stars and other shapes will cover your room. Never seen one of those in real life but I bet it will look really cool.

Thanks to Piosbrony for the heads up!

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MLP Pillow Pets Twilight SparkleMLP Pillow Pets Rainbow Dash
The Twilight Sparkle and Rainbow Dash Pillow Pets that were announced at the New York Toy Fair have been released by My Pillow Pets and are now available on Amazon.
The plush pillows are 18" long/wide, 6" tall and have the usual Pillow Pets design with details and colors of Twilight Sparkle and Rainbow Dash, including wings, manes and horn.
Both are available for $29.99 each and are shipped by My Pillow Pets themselves through Amazon. Listings are available below:

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MLP My Pillow Pets Rainbow Dash Folding PlushMLP My Pillow Pets Twilight Sparkle Folding Plush

We already expected them to appear on the Pillow Pets website soon but since today they have been listed! Well at least for the Pillow Pets ones. According to a post we made earlier there are also other Pillow Pets MLP Related Products coming soon such as Dream Lites, backpacks and more. But so far only these 2 have been found.

They will have a price tag of $29.99 each. They are currently out of stock but they will be available this June. We will notify you when they are available together with the other products.


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MLP Twilight Sparkle Pillow Pet Plush
We saw them at first during the NY Toy Fair but after that it became kinda quiet around the My Little Pony Pillow Pets that were shown. But according to the Toy Book they will be released this June at the Pillow Pets Website as well as several nationwide stores.

But there's more news! Pillow Pets will is going to release more then just the Twilight and Rainbow Dash pillow pets. The whole line will include Twilight Sparkle and Rainbow Dash as foldable Pillow Pets, Dream Lites, plush backpacks, Sling Paks, and FabTablets universal tablet holders!

I can't wait for these! They are adorable.

15 comments NY Toy Fair 2015 Wrap-Up
The NY Toy Fair has ended. Just like last year we managed to see a lot of new wonderful toys that are coming soon. We decided to once again, write a full wrap-up of all we saw during the fair this year. Everything new from Hasbro to other 3th party manufacturers like Funko and Aurora.

Brusables - Hasbro POP - Friendship is Magic Collection - Equestria Girls - Playskool Friends - Funko - Tech 4 Kids - FAB Starpoint - Diamond Select Toys - Aurora - My Pillow Pets - What we didn't see

Twilight Sparkle and Rainbow Dash My Pillow Pets Plush
Keep those images coming! We have now found images of some MLP Pillow Pets! These are plush you can fill with a pillow and then hug if you would like that. You can also sleep on them if you want. I bet they also make a nice pillow for your pets. Lots of options! I think they look cute.

Twilight Sparkle and Rainbow Dash My Pillow Pets Plush
It seems like there will be Dream lites MLP Plush made by My Pillow Pets as well. These work like the Funrise Light Up Plush which projects starts on your ceiling.

Thanks to Stitch Kingdom for the images!