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MLP Family Moments Set with Princess Cadance, Shining Armor and Baby Flurry Heart Brushable
A new set has appeared on Ebay. And it's quite an interesting one as it's a listing for the "Family Moments" set. As you can see this is the first time we see the new style brushables in their packaging. And also some characters we didn't see yet in the new style because it's Princess Cadance and her Family.

As you can see the packaging has also changed and the new one is almost the same as the Guardians of Harmony one. What's also interesting is that judging by the packaging this set isn't part of a line just "My Little Pony" But perhaps some better images show more info. Still it's pretty exciting and I hope more of these will pop-up soon.

Thanks to Andrée for the heads up!

Today we have a quick review on something that has only very recently popped up online: the new style MLP brushables. We're still unsure in what context they will be released, but in this video you can see what they'll look like and how they compare to the current line of brushables.
You can watch the video on YouTube or embedded below:

The new brushables that have been spotted as of last week are spreading slowly from Taobao to eBay, but new figures are still popping up. This time on eBay the existence of three more figures was confirmed: a second Rarity figure with a new pose and eye design, a Rainbow Dash figure with a closed mouth and Applejack with new eyes and an open mouth. Above you can get a good look at the comparison between all the characters (do note that a second Fluttershy and Princess Celestia are not included in the picture above).
We were still not able to retrieve further information on the name of the series or addition details on the rebranding, but of course we will share this as soon as we hear it.
Below we have some focus shots of the new figures:

MLP Possible MLP The Movie Brushables
So far we've seen almost the whole Mane Six in the new Brushable style with the exception of Pinkie Pie and Rarity. But they have now appeared on Ebay. As you can see each of them have a different body as well which was a big wish for most MLP Collectors: More variety in poses. Still it's unknown to which line these belong but they are probably for the movie. Lets hope we'll spot some of these in packaging soon.

Thanks to Aquatic Neon EclipsedFlame for the heads up!

MLP Rainbow Dash New BrushableMLP Rainbow Dash New Brushable
We first found out about these only three days ago and they are already hot news at the moment. It still unknown to which set these new brushables belong to but it's most likely that these are for the upcoming movie. Anyway a new listing on Taobao has been spotted. This listings shows a new Fluttershy (she was found earlier but we waited to post her until now. Thanks to Ayu and Twilight for the heads up) we also get a first look at the new Rainbow Dash. What's also interesting is the fact that in the group shots you can see that Lyra has an production code on her hoof which makes these indeed official.

I'm curious about Pinkie Pie and Rarity. Let's hope we get more info soon!

MLP Possible Reboot Brushables
Today I found something really interesting on Taobao. At first glance they just looked like a lot of regular brushables, but then I noticed something... they have completely new bodies and poses. The figures themselves look great with some new poses. But now comes the question... what are they? Now the seller has a lot of legit MLP Stuff on their site so I think these are real (still they could be fake). The quality of these looks also very great/perfect. So, are they from a third-company or are these possible reboot brushables and are we moving to perhaps Generation 4.5? With the new logo and all going on at the moment as well it seems kinda likely. But perhaps the biggest possibility is the fact that these are for the upcoming movie since the models of the Ponies are different then the show as well. (This is because the movie is made using Toon Boom instead of Flash)

But so far all of this is only speculation. For now I just think we have to wait although this makes me very eager to see what's next for the future of My Little Pony.

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