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The NY Toy Fair 2016 is over and that means it's time for our yearly wrap-up. In this mega-post we focus mainly on Hasbro's announcements of the Toy Fair, but also share images of Funko, Tech 4 Kids and other brands. If you want to read the wrap-ups about the previous years, you can find them here:
- 2014 NY Toy Fair Wrap-up
- 2015 NY Toy Fair Wrap-up

Paper Punk Shows MLP Papercraft at NY Toy Fair
A company called Paper Punk, specialized in papercraft figures, announced a My Little Pony line of their brand. The figures will be 6.25" tall, but the stand also shows some bigger figures too. Crafting these figure is a relative ease because it does not require scissors or glue. All mane 6 ponies will be featured in the first set, all coming in special patterns, but with their original mane and eye design.
Each $9.95 kit comes with 13 parts, 150 stickers and 40 'adhesive dots' to construct the ponies, without the mess of glue.
Thanks to @littlemissnonam & eclipsedflame for the heads-up!