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MLP Merch Launches All Generation Database
After months/years of hard work we can finally present to you: Databases of the older generations of My Little Pony! This year, during the celebration of the 35th Anniversary of My Little Pony, is the perfect moment for this update to the databases and hope you'll enjoy the new (err, old) friends from the MLP universe!
You can now add all generations of ponies to your checklist, wishlist ánd: You now also have the ability to make add personal notes for every pony.

Coming Next Week: Our Biggest Site Update Ever
It's been a bit quiet on MLP Merch lately, and that's not all down to the fact that there isn't much to report on: We're working very hard to get the biggest update of MLP Merch ever ready for release next week!
Followers of our Twitter might have spotted some teasers hinting on the release, and we're now so close to a release that we'd very much like to share with you what's going on. To get the biggest change out in the open: we're adding the classic G1, G2 and G3 ponies to the database! This allows everyone to finally get a complete checklist and wishlist of ponies outside of just G4 ponies and merch.
Aside from this we're also adding a long awaited feature to the database, namely that of adding personal notes to ponies. Through this way you can keep note of how many ponies you own, if there's anything missing from a set or to keep track of where you bought a pony from.
And there's more that will we added next week, so keep an eye out for the release next week!

We hope that you understand our current lack of posts in favor of this update and are looking forward to the release next week. We'll keep you posted!

Our First Book: My Little Pony Collectibles - Now Open for Pre-Order!
First of all we'd like to give a very big and kind thanks to Amberley Publishing for giving us the opportunity to make our book reality!

Remember our post on the first of April this year? We kept everyone in doubt on whether the announcement was a joke or reality, but today we can finally reveal the answer to you: it's real, and it's coming next month!

MLP Merch Poll #180MLP Merch Poll #179 Results
Two week ago (sorry for skipping a week!) we asked you when you started watching My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic. We were wondering how many first-hour fans there are still out there, and we are not disappointed! Almost 24% of you started watching directly from the first episode, and another 18% joined later in the season. The largest group is the fans that first watched FiM during season 2 or 3 (28%) followed by 20% during the 4th or 5th season. Only a handful of fans joined later on during season 6 or later. Interesting to see is that the release of the movie introduced 2% of you to Friendship is Magic.

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MLP Merch Poll #179MLP Merch Poll #178 Results
Last week we asked you whether the 2018 My Little Pony Happy Meal figures already arrived in your country. We're seeing just above a quarter of people who did already find them, which is quote a low number. The biggest reason for this is the huge amount of people from the US here on MLP Merch, which makes up for almost 49% of the votes. 7% of the other people are from the UK and 18% from another country that did not see the release at their local McDonalds yet.

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MLP Merch Poll #178MLP Merch Poll #177 Results
Two week ago we asked you whether the limited articulation that's available on the upcoming Friendship Power Equestria Girls dolls is a deal breaker for you. Aside from the 36% that doesn't collect Equestria Girls we're seeing a very large group (30%) that will skip this set due to the articulation. Still, a total of 34% of the respondents is planning on buying the dolls, though 20% of those would prefer to see more articulation on future releases.

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MLP Merch Poll #177MLP Merch Poll #176 Results
Last week we asked you about your thoughts about the painted on clothing for brushables, something that will play a big role in the upcoming School of Friendship sets. The general consensus is clear: clothing that is painted on instead of plastic/fabric accessories does not have the favor of many collectors. The largest group, 39%, will avoid these kind of figures, and another 27% does not like the idea, but will get them anyway to keep their collection complete. An equally large group of 27% does not mind whether the figure has painted on clothing or not, and only 6% of the respondents prefers these over ponies without any clothing.

MLP Merch Poll #176MLP Merch Poll #175 Results
Last week we asked you about your plans for collection My Little Pony merch after G4 ends and G4 would start. Overall the collectors are relatively positive, with 34% going to continue and 54% will await whether they like the new generation or not. 9% would put their MLP collecting days to an end and 4% is keeping G5 as an option to actually start their collection.

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Love to Collect? Quidd Just Launched My Little Pony!
Do you know Quidd? The digital pop-culture collecting and trading app has launched their collaboration with Hasbro and now features My Little Pony among other brands!
Within the Quidd app you're now able to collect digital My Little Pony stickers, 3D figures and trading cards. And you can't just collect them, you can trade them with friends and use them as stickers in your favorite chat apps too!

Signing up for Quidd is easy: Download the app (Android and iOS), sign-up and get started!
Right from the start you can claim various free packs with stickers and you'll get free coins to get other packs too. Plus you'll be able to get more coins for your packs, including a claimable 4000 coins every 3 hours.

And it's not just My Little Pony! You can get stuff from many other fandoms too, like Steven Universe, Star Trek, Marvel, Funko and Bob's Burgers. Add them to your favorites and never miss new packs for the stuff you like.

MLP Merch Poll #175MLP Merch Poll #174 Results
Last week we asked you which characters you would pick from the upcoming McDonald's line if you were only able to pick three. Starlight Glimmer got the most hearts on her side and is definitely the most popular character that will be asked for at the McDonald's counters the coming weeks. Aside from her Twilight Sparkle, Fluttershy and Applejack are pretty popular too. They're followed by Rainbow Dash, Rarity and Pinkie. Spike ended up with the lowest amount of votes, but that might not really come as a surprise after we saw the responses on social media regarding is peculiar design!