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MLP Merch Poll #115MLP Merch Poll #114 Results
Last week we asked you which upcoming sets from the Rarity FiM collection you're planning to get. While there were quite a lot of options to choose from we do see some winners over the other sets: DJ Pon-3 and Fluttershy! They're on the wishlist of most people and leave a small gap between a few other sets that were quiet people, including Sapphire Shores, Twilight Sparkle, Aloe Boutique Salon and Carousel Boutique. The lowest scoring figure was the Pinkie Pie single, but just barely.

MLP Merch Presents: Live Collection Signatures
We at MLP Merch are happy to announce that the amount of items everyone has added to their checklists and wishlist almost reached 150.000! We understand that collectors are also proud about the amount of items they own, or that you'd like to share your wishlist easily with other collectors.
That's why we'd like to introduce our latest database update: Live Collection Signatures! The signatures (aka userbars or banners) are images that you can use as your signature on practically any forum or blog. The images will show how many items you have in your checklist and/or wishlist, and will update daily! That way your signature is always up to date and as the signatures are clickable people can directly visit your checklist or wishlist.
Want to try it out? Visit our Signature Creator and login to your account (or create one first). There you can play around with various options like the size and text to create your perfect collection signature.
Note: be sure that your checklist and/or wishlist is marked as public on your profile, else the numbers are not visible!

This is still a preview feature, so any feedback (good or bad) is welcome! Enjoy!

MLP Merch Poll #113MLP Merch Poll #112 Results
Last week we asked you how far away you live from your favorite merch store. It was awesome to hear a bit about the stores in your area, and as the poll shows most people live pretty close to the toy stores they'd like to visit. Apart from a 32% group that doesn't have a favorite merch store the majority (35%) lives within a 5 miles radius. And 6% of those even live within walking distance, awesome! Sadly the group of people who have to travel over 50 miles for their favorite store is slightly bigger at 7%.

Database Update: Print-Friendly Lists and Pages
Today we launch one of the many plans we have to improve our databases: printable pages! This may not seem like a big deal, but we've had tons of feature requests from people who'd like to print their checklist, wishlist or just any page from our databases to keep it as a PDF or print it out.
Initially we planned on releasing a printable version of the checklist or wishlist, but we've decided to release this feature for any page directly! You can now go to any page, including your checklist or wishlist, and click the print button in your browser or our new print-button to directly print out the page. This also works for smartphones and tablets connected to a printer.
To make all pages print-friendly we've ensured that when you print a page all unnecessary items like the sidebar, buttons, banners and backgrounds are removed and you'll get a clean white print with just the merch you'd like to print.
You can try it out right now in our MLP Merch Database! And while we were at it, we've added the same feature to our Monster High, Ever After High and Minecraft databases too.

MLP Merch Poll #112MLP Merch Poll #111 Results
Last week we asked you for your definite verdict on the MLP K'NEX sets: are you going to buy any? After the release of the K'NEX sets the sentiment went downhill and over 40% of you don't like K'NEX (anymore). 13% of you are still enthusiastic and are going to buy all of the sets, while another 7% would like one or two of them. 29% of the voters will be waiting until they appear in physical stores or wait fora good sale, and 8% of the respondents do not like the announced sets at all.

MLP Merch Poll #111MLP Merch Poll #110 Results
Last week we asked you how well you like the Guardians of Harmony DJ Pon-3 Fan Series figure compared to other figures from the series. It was a close tie between those who prefer this figure and those are indifferent between them, but if you add up the votes for "much better" and "a bit better" it's clear that most people are positive about the DJ Pon-3 figure. Overall only about 8% of the voters think that the Celestia, Nightmare Moon and Discord figures are better than the DJ Pon-3 figure. Pretty unexpected!

MLP Merch Poll #110MLP Merch Poll #109 Results
Last week we asked you if you would be interested in a full MLP set of Mr. Potato Head figures. The results a pretty clear: over half of the responses were negative. A small group is still positive about the set, making up about 30% of the votes and another 17% is unsure about the idea.

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MLP Merch Poll #109MLP Merch Poll #108 Results
Last week we asked you which type of official Hasbro MLP plush you liked most. The clear winners are the 12" plush with a filled, more realistic mane. Also popular were the 22" huggable plush, and all other scored about the same amount of votes (10%-13%), with the Feature Wings princesses scoring the bottom 10%.

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MLP Merch Poll #108MLP Merch Poll #107 Results
Last week we asked you what you thought of the new 5" Hasbro plush with spaghetti manes. Overall they're pretty loved by you all, with a big group of 31% who adore the new plush. Another big group (19%) is not a fan of the spaghetti mane that Hasbro chose for this line of plush. Everything counted up more people like these plush than people who don't, but a group of 12% that say "We dislike every bit of these plush" is a bit worrying, to be honest.

MLP Merch 2016 Wrap-Up and 2017 Predictions
As is tradition here on MLP Merch we take the final days of the year to recap on what has happened and what is to come. It was a busy year for us with the release of new websites, new merch categories, extending the databases and much more. Below we have some numbers that recap 2016, the results from this year's big survey and a brief look at the expectations of merch in 2017.