Pony Friends Forever Blind Bag Set
Pony Friends Forever Blind Bag Set
Seems like we will get a new Blind Bag set! This time it's gonna be the Pony Friends Forever Collection. It's gonna be an Toys'R'us exclusive set and it will come with some interesting ponies like a new Princess Luna Blind Bag and a Dj-Pon3 and Dr. Whooves Blind bag without rainbow markings.

This set will be part of the Pony Friends Forever line which is an Toys'R'Us exclusive line. Not more information is known at the moment.

Thanks to Tomo for the heads up!


  1. The ponies that I want in the set: Vinyl, the Cakes, Luna, Doctor Hooves
    Ponies that I don't want: Apple Bloom, (in the Class of Cutie Marks set witch I own), Lyrica and Octavia (Groovin Hooves set witch I own), Celestia ( From the Royal Surprise set witch I own), Pinkie (Spa Pony Set witch I own). Overall I am very happy this set is going to be released (though I have to admit I want this set mostly for Vinyl)!

    1. I'll take the ones you don't like. I've been really wanting an Apple Bloom one!

  2. Must have DJ,Doctor,the cakes,Luna, Octavia, and Pinkie

  3. Ponies in this set that I HAVE to have: Celestia, young Luna, non-rainbowfied Dr. Hooves and DJ Pon-3, Octavia, and Lyrica Lilac

    Ponies in this set that I could TOTALLY live without: The Cakes, (already have the "Babysitting Fun" set) Applebloom, (already have the "Class of Cutie Marks" set) and Pinkie Pie. (blind bag Pinkie Pie is EVERYWHERE. I already have 3 Pinkie's)

  4. I hate that they reuse ponies that were already in sets so you either have like 2/3 of everypony or you miss out on the ones you need =/