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After only 1 day we've already improved our Blind Bag Database to make it more useful and user friendly in response to various feedback we've received on our site and email. We basically rewrote the complete layout and functionality of the database while keeping the information and codes.

Here is a list of all the improvements that we've done:
- Up to 4 figures per row to optimise the used space
- Option to show all ponies instead of only a wave
- Added mold information
- Added feature to show all releases of a pony
- Added feature to show all molds of a type
- Improved layout to show more information for each pony
- Improved layout for mobile devices
- Bigger photos
- Added search feature to search ponies by (parts of) their name

And because we're continuously improving our website and information, we'll be releasing the following features soon:
- Android app with all blind bags for mobile access and to keep track of your collection
- Common factory error / prototype ponies will be added to a special section

If you see any errors or know any improvements, please let us know! :)

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