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We've just launched our biggest project so far: the MLPMerch.com Blind Bag Database! Containing codes, information and photos of over 300 Blind Bag figures!

- Blind Bag codes, information and photos of all 11 Blind Bag waves
- UK 12-bag releases included
- Collection Set releases included
- Mini Set releases included
- Variations included
- Over 300 unique blind bag figures
- Blind Bag codes to know what figure a blind bag will contain
- Most photos from our own personal collection

So head on over to our Blind Bag Database, or checkout any of our other databases in our menu or sidebar of our website!

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  1. Let me just comment on a few things you mention:
    - We're planning on releasing a special section for protoype / commong error figures
    - Currently we're teaming up with an Android developer to bring this database into an app, which will included a checklist
    - While we use 'database' sort of as a brandname, it was not our intention to create an interactive system as of yet. But we do have all the information in a conveniant enough way to make this possible without too much trouble. We might actually start something like that ;)
    - I understand that there are other blind bag guides out there, but our plan to start this database started when we found the wave 11 codes. After teaming up with the Android developer we decided to continue listing all the blind bags and put it online.