All MLP Wave 12 Blind Bag Pony FiguresAll MLP Wave 12 Blind Bag Pony Figures
 We've finally found more information on the next wave of MLP blind bags, and as we could have expected, it will be released as Cutie Mark Magic! We now also know why we haven't seen many new ponies pop up on Taobao and eBay: Wave 12 will be almost a complete re-release of the first wave of blind bags, with only a few different ponies. The changes include Cutie Mark Magic "Rainbowfied" Rainbow Dash, Twilight Sparkle, Pinkie Pie and the new molds for both Fluttershy and Twilight Sparkle. Of course the collector cards have been printed in Cutie Mark Magic style as well and include new vectors for the ponies. (Thanks to BigBadToyStore for the image!)
You can place your pre-orders for wave 12 blind bags at Entertainment Earth for $69.99 a box or $16.99 per 6 blind bags.
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The ponies in this set are (from left to bottom right):

Row 1: Firecracker Burst, Roseluck, Lemon Hearts, Lily Blossom
Row 2: Flower Wishes, Twilight Sparkle, Applejack, Fluttershy
Row 3: Fizzy Pop, Twilight Sparkle (Special), Rainbow Dash (Special), Cherry Spices
Row 4: Sugar Grape, Bumblesweet, Lucky Swirl, Pepperdance
Row 5: Rarity, Rainbow Dash, Sweatcream Scoops, Minty
Row 6: Sweetie Swirl, Pinkie Pie (Special), Sweetie Blue, Pinkie Pie


  1. Wow. Neither my local Walmart, or Target have wave 11 yet...and now wave 12 is coming?!

    1. same here everywhere I go that sells them I checked just to make sure. I'm so sick and tired of seeing the same box every time I walk up to the aisle lol

    2. i found wave 11 at walmart

  2. Wow. That came without warning. Do you think they'll rerelease Wave2 as well? There are several ponies in that set I want.

  3. I can't wait to get wave 12 blind bags i don't have some of the ponies from wave 1 this is so exciting i wonder when the release date is for wave 12 blind bags? They look really cool especially rose luck and pepper dance. I so excited!

  4. Still haven't seen Wave 11 here either. Hope that'll change soon, but I agree with amy t, this is kind of cool. It gives fans that missed out on the first wave a chance to pick them up.

  5. Excellent! I think this is a wonderful idea, and hope they re-release waves 2-7 after this. Until a certain point many of us were uninformed of the "secret codes," and the earlier waves came out before MLP exploded in popularity anyway. Besides, Wave 2 ponies are just about impossible to get because they were only sold in Europe. I only have Tealove because she came in a collector's book that I bought from my local comic shop!

    I've recently started racking up a whole bunch of ponies online, and got Firecracker Burst, Sweetcream Scoops, Cherry Spices, Lily Blossom, Roseluck, and Flower Wishes. Already had Pepperdance & Lucky Swirl. Now I reeeeally want Fizzypop, Sugar Grape, Sweetie Swirl, Bumblesweet, Minty, Sweetie Blue, and probably Lemon Hearts (already have her in neon and neon glitter.)

    Only thing is, the last few times I've been to Target, they were stuck on Wave 10. I hope to hay that they have 11 next time I go...they seem to be insanely slow, and then practically skip over some waves to rush onto the next one. I think they may have skipped over 9 entirely. ;; If 12 is supposed to be released next month, they probably won't have it until sometime early next year, if they remain consistent with their record. Dx

    As for the other post regarding the bags--I hiiiighly doubt they'll do away with the codes. IF they do, there are still options (because everybody's right--they are priced way too highly to actually buy blindly. All "blind bag/box" figures are.) Ultimately they SHOULD be priced at maybe 99 cents each, blind or not, because in my view lowering prices to increase sales would almost always bring vastly greater profits.

    Anyhow, the other options would be: a) Feel for the shape of the pony--that would at least narrow down which ones it might be. b) If the bags are indeed somewhat translucent, that'd obviously be a major help. I'm doubting that, too, though, as it would pretty much defeat their "blind bag" intent. c) Buy the ones you think MIGHT be the ones you want, and then sell or trade your doubles for those you do want on the MLP Trading Post or eBay or whatever works. =]

  6. If I pre-order the 24 ponies from Entertainment Earth, will I definitely get all 24 ponies with no duplicates? Any info would be most helpful. Thank you!

    1. Complete blind bag boxes contain all 24 blind bag figures from the set, at least for the first 10 waves which I've seen. I can't 100% garuntee this, because Hasbro can always change things for the newer waves.