Playskool Friends My Little Pony Minty Figure
We already knew that Playskool would also include  My Little Pony as some of their new toys. And now we've gotten images of them! A line within this series is the line with several figures of a lot of different Ponies. Ponies we already know but also some of older generations. But... just look at them. They are so adorable! Don't you think?

Story Packs

First up we have some story packs which included 2 figures of some adorable little ponies. The retail price will be $6.99 for each set.

Sized for little hands, each figure two-pack features a pair of adorable, toddler-friendly My Little Pony characters. Choose from Applejack and Daisy Dreams, Rainbow Dash and Bumblesweet, or Minty and Moondancer ponies. Each set sold separately. Pony figures are compatible with the Musical Celebration Castle and Rainbow Dash Party Bus playsets, also sold separately.
Playskool Friends My Little Pony Applejack FigurePlayskool Friends My Little Pony Daisy Dreams Figure

Playskool Friends My Little Pony Rainbow Dash Figure

Playskool Friends My Little Pony MoondancerPlayskool Friends My Little Pony Minty Figure

 Collector Pack

Another pack that has been announced is a collector pack which will come with 7 figures. It will retail for about $19.99 and will include Cheerilee as well.

A great gift collection for budding My Little Pony fans, this pack of ponies features seven adorable figures designed specifically for little hands, including Rainbow Dash, Applejack and Cheerilee characters. Pony figures are compatible with the Musical Celebration Castle and Rainbow Dash Party Bus playsets, also sold separately.
Playskool Friends My Little Pony Cheerilee Figure

Rainbow Dash Frienship Party Bus 

So then we have the Rainbow Dash Friendship Party Bus as well which will be a bus featuring an adorable Rainbow Dash figure. It will retail for $14.99

Get ready for a fun-filled ride with the colorful RAINBOW DASH Friendship Bus vehicle. The chunky Rainbow Dash figure fits snugly inside this kid-powered party bus, ready to roll! Little ones can spin the roller on the side of the bus to see fun images, or push down on the hood to open the door and make the Cutie Mark Party sign pop up. There’s even room for two more ponies (sold separately) to join the ride!
Playskool Rainbow Dash Frienship Party Bus

Musical Celebration Castle

And at last we have the Musical Celebration Castle which will come with a Pinkie Pie and Starsong figure. It will retail for $29.99

Musical adventures await inside the Musical Celebration Castle playset! Place
Pinkie Pie and Starsong figures inside the castle, then push the tower down to spin the dance floor and see the friends twirling to ponyrific party music. Little ones can take their pony figures for a ride on the elevator, or send them down the slide. Spin the flag or open the gate for even more fun activities. When the ponies are ready for naptime, flip down the wall on the second floor to reveal a comfy bed and hear lullaby music. Includes Pinkie Pie and Starsong ponies; additional figures sold separately.
Playskool Musical Celebration Castle


  1. As Pinkie would say...

  2. OMG. SO adorable. I want! My niece and I can play with them... hehe.

  3. Oh my, they are so cute! *-*

  4. Does anybody who's not under the age of 5 want these? :3
    As akward enough as it is to stand in the pony aisle and stare, now I have to go to the little kids' section!

  5. Moondancer? That's a G1 pony! Did somehow Hasbro get the rights back to some of the originals?

  6. They are cute. I would have at least 1 for collection purposes but.... They look like a G3 pony and a G4 had a baby. NOPE

  7. Omg so cute wish play skool had these kids toys back when mlp was popular back in the 80s

  8. Why do little kids have Retro Characters and us collectors have Mane 6? LOL


  10. bumble sweet looks like sunset shimmer

  11. Does anyone happen to know if these guys have cutie marks?

    1. idk i can see the main sixs cutie mark in the eye like the eg

  12. Yes. They have cutie marks. They're a bit more simple than the regular ones though. For example, Pinkie Pie has only one balloon and not three, Applejack has only one apple instead of three.