New 12 Inch Famosa Rarity Plush
A few weeks ago we reported that Famosa decided to release a new line of Pony Plushies. These plushies have just like the smaller ones, some additional glitter in her hair just like the first ones of Aurora. These were also found on Ebay. We have no idea where and when these will be released in stores. What do you think of these? They have all been added to our database as well!

New 12 Inch Famosa Applejack PlushNew 12 Inch Famosa Fluttershy Plush

New 12 Inch Famosa Pinkie Pie PlushNew 12 Inch Famosa Rainbow Dash Plush

New 12 Inch Famosa Rarity PlushNew 12 Inch Famosa Twilight Sparkle Plush


  1. These are hideous.

    1. Seemd like you never saw the average official MLP plush, they are god-tier compared to the very popular spagetti mane ones by Funrise.

  2. They really did a good job with Applejack and Fluttershy! Pinkie Pie is pretty too, but it looks like her mane is very flat from the front...