MLP Cheese Sandwich Funko Mystery Mini Prototype
Yesterday we reported that several new MLP Funko Mystery Minis prototypes had been found. It seems like there are more on the way. It was already quite clear that Princess Celestia and Apple Bloom were also going to be part of the next wave. But it turns out Cheese Sandwich will join the line as well! Does this mean the next regular Vinyl release will consist of Maud Pie, Queen Chrysalis and Cheese Sandwich?

We hope we can provide more info soon. Thanks to Aquatic Neon again for the heads up!

MLP Apple Bloom Funko Mystery Mini PrototypeMLP Princess Celestia Funko Mystery Mini Prototype


  1. I'm definitely getting a cheese sandwich funko mystery mini because i didn't get a cheese sandwich wave 11 blind Bag figurine and that will be perfect for me. Score!!!!

  2. Wow, I wasn't expecting this, but awesome. :) Now I want to see what his vinyl figure will look like.

  3. just a heads up on toywiz.com they have 3 new mlp pocket pops for pre-order (celestia,twilight,and Dr.whoves.