Wave 13 Blind Bags
While Wave 13 was already spotted in the UK as Wave 13A and Wave 13B, we can now also confirm that the 13th wave of blind bag figures has been released in the US. At least Target and Walmart have been releasing Wave 13 in various stores, but no sign of Toys"R"Us at the moment.
For more information on the ponies and codes of the bags, see our Wave 13 Blind Bag Codes post.
Credits go to catstrawberryful for the images!
Wave 13 Blind BagsWave 13 Blind Bags


  1. Nice I am bored of wave 12.

  2. I can't believe target and walmart are getting wave 13 blind bags in first i can't wait to go to target and get some wave 13 blind bags I'm so bored of wave 12 already

  3. just to say they are already in canada too, I found them at a walmart

  4. There haven't been any where I live because Target and Walmart take like a month to order them, then it takes another month to get them here, then it takes like two weeks for them to get them on the shelves. But one of the good things about that is that target has like 7 boxes of wave 12 still so they should go on clearance soon so I can get the ones my sister lost or gave to her friends.