MLP Squishy Pops at the Spielwarenmesse 2016
The Spielwarenmesse 2016 is now open for two days. So far we've found no Hasbro news yet but I'm sure we eventually will get some more info as the Spielwarenmesse will end on February 1, so we have three days left. But we eventually found some MLP Related Merchandise news as the company Tech 4 Kids is also attending. Tech 4 Kids is most known for their Fashems and Squishy Pops. Speaking about Squishy Pops, a picture of some new ones during the Spielwarenmesse has been posted on Instagram.

As you can see there possibly will be a new playset for the Squishy pops which is a Ferris wheel. Some new Squishy Pops are also being some. We've seen some of them last year during the New York Toy Fair but these are a bit different. Judging b the pics I'm not sure if Spike and Princess Luna will ste be present in this line We do however see DJ Pon-3, Octavia, Cheerilee and Derpy/Muffins. We also see the mane-six, this time in a trotting pose (just like last year) In addition to that all character will receive a clear variant as well.

No other information is known at the moment. The ones from last year at the NY Toy Fair haven't arrived in stores (yet) so lets hope these eventually will. We hope we can report more Spielwarenmesse news these days. Quite exciting isn't it?

Thanks to Tomo for the heads up!


  1. https://www.instagram.com/p/BBCuZPRrmWm/?taken-by=brands_mediaint (source)

  2. Mlp squishy pops are so cute❤

  3. god I need dat fluttershy !