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MLP DJ Pon-3 Guardians of Harmony Fan Series Figure

So almost a year ago we spotted a listing on Amazon  about a possible DJ Pon-3 Fan Series figure. But as you can see this has now indeed be confirmed as the listing has received images. This set comes with DJ Pon-3 and her turntable which emits some nice translucent music swirls. So far the listing didn't state any other info or a release date. But we'll keep you updated on that. We probably hear more during the Toy Fair this year. You can find the listing here: DJ Pon-3 Guardians of Harmony Fan Series Figure

Store Finds: GoH Queen Chrysalis & Fluttershy Runway
A quick store finds post today as we've gotten quite some finds in a short time, and why wait? Below you can find some finds of really recent releases, being the Guardians of Harmony Queen Chrysalis Fan Series figure and the Fluttershy Runway figure.
If you happen to find brand new stuff in your local store, then feel free to write us a small message with photos.

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MLP Merch Poll #102MLP Merch Poll #101 Results
Last week we asked for your thoughts on the new Wave 19 Blind Bags wave, which is the first rebranded blind bag set. The majority of you do like the new wave, mostly because of the new characters or the theme. Other popular votes are also from the 'yes'-side from fans of the poses or the fact that no mane 6 ponies are included. This is followed by the amount of people who actually would like to see the mane 6 in this wave, probably hoping for some new molds of all 6 (and I wouldn't blame you). All the other votes got 5% of the votes as maximum, consisting of most no or other votes.

GoH Queen Chrysalis & Changelings Appears at ThinkGeek
A very sudden surprise for all the Queen Chrysalis and Guardians of Harmony fans out there! Out of nowhere ThinkGeek has started selling the Queen Chrysalis & Changelings Guardians of Harmony set. So far we only had an Amazon listing of the set, but no further announcements or sneak-peaks, and here it is, available in store and all! Based on the molding and box we learn that this figure is part of the Fan Series figures, in line with the current Discord, Princess Celestia and Nightmare Moon figures with detailed molding and comic-based poses.
The availability of this set can be an error and ThinkGeek can pull it from the shelves at any moment, so if this is a must-have for you, you might want to check out ThinkGeek stores, especially the one in Humble, TX (US) where this one was found.

Credits to Hunter for the photo!

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Teepublic's Pre-Thanksgiving Sale
Teepublic's Pre-Thanksgiving Sale has arrived! From now till the end of the week you can all T-Shirts just for $14 each! But tees aren't the only thing that are on sale, Teepublic offers lots of other items as well like Mugs, Phone Cases and Prints. For the occasion I've also made some new designs related to the Season 6 Finale with "King" Thorax. More new designs will eventually follow so check out our store often for new designs. We've included the link to our Merch Page and specific listings below!

Visit our Teepublic Merch Store here!

Hasbro Announces First Guardians of Harmony Comic
Over on Kotaku, Hasbro has exclusively revealed the first details and pages of the upcoming Guardians of Harmony comic line, which was announced back when the first GoH figures were shared.
The first issue will be released on December 1st as a digital comic, and a "full print version" will be available in February 2017. It was not mentioned whether the latter is a physical release of the first issue or the paperback.
Below you can see a preview (warning: spoilers) of the first chapter that was released as a teaser. (Click the images to enlarge)

All Guardians of Harmony Figures Available on Amazon (Pre-Order)
As of today all Wave 1 Guardians of Harmony figures are available for pre-order on Amazon. In this case it's everything that has been announced at the NY Toy Fair, excluding the Fan Series and the Wonderbolts set from earlier today.
Below we have all official listings for the figures, which you can pre-order for a September 1st release. Big Dragon Spike will take 2 weeks longer, but is also available for pre-order. So, head on down and reserve your GoH figures!

MLP Guardians of Harmony Queen Chrysalis v. Spike the Dragon
Amazon has listed lots of Guardians of Harmony figures. These are the normal ones instead of the Fan Series ones which are already available. We now also get to see what Soarin and Spitfire look like. So far none of these are available for order yet but hopefully they will be soon. Have the listings and all other information below!

Hasbro Announces Guardians of Harmony
Set all your thoughts about Hasbro and My Little Pony aside and get ready for the biggest My Little Pony announcement yet!
Hasbro has just unveiled information about a brand new line of My Little Pony action figures with more detail than ever: Guardians of Harmony. The figures are show-accurate, articulated and designed after action stances from the Friendship is Magic TV-series. Guardians of Harmony figures will be released in stores this fall. It has also been confirmed that IDW is going to create a new MLP Comic Series this fall based around these toys.
The announcement is a sneak peak of what we'll get to see at the NY Toy Fair later this week, but at this moment already 7 figures have been announced. Most of them even have articulation! Here's what Hasbro has shared so far:
MLP Merch Exclusive: High quality images of all announced figures!