MLP Friendship is Magic Comic #48 by IDW RI Cover by Matt Frank
Seems like I skipped over last month. Whoops... Anyway IDW just announced their MLP Comics for November this year. A total of two to be exact. Have all the information below!

Friendship is Magic #48

MLP Friendship is Magic Comic #48 by IDW Regular Cover by Andy PriceMLP Friendship is Magic Comic #48 by IDW RI Cover by Matt Frank
For this issue we'll get a new story arc titled: "Chaos Theory" of course when you hear chaos you think of Discord and that's exactly what this issue is about. Due to an astrological event Discord kinda changes... The writer for this issue will be Ted Anderson and the artist will be Andy Price. So far two covers have been revealed:
  • The regular one by Andy Price (which is based off the Muppets show)
  • The Retailer Incentive one by Matt Frank (look at all the "cute" animals!)
What's also interesting is that the bullet point of this one says: "A storyline that will lead to major changes in MLP comics!" Curious what this is all about, maybe it's just nothing but it "could" be a step-up to the Guardians of Harmony comics... Still it's all just speculation.\
"Chaos Theory" Part 1 of 3 - A Rare astrological event has a profound effect on Discord! What happens when Discord turns into a being of pure... order?!

Friends Forever #34

MLP Friends Forever Comic #34 by IDW Regular Cover by Tony FleecsMLP Friends Forever Comic #34 by IDW RI Cover by Low Zi RongMLP Friends Forever Comic #34 by IDW Sub Cover by Agnes Garbowska
And as expected a new Friends Forever issue has been announced as well. This one is about a popular duo: Pinkie Pie and Cheese Sandwich. They get trapped in a house that quite likes to party as well. The writer for this issue is Thom Zahler and the artist for this issue is Agnes Garbowska. Three covers have been announced:
  • The Regular cover by Tony Fleecs
  • The Retailer Incentive cover by Low Zi Rong
  • The Subscription cover by Agnes Garbowska

 Pinkie Pie and Cheese Sandwich get trapped in a magical house that loves to party! But will it ever let them leave?


  1. Yay, more comics. :D I've always loved Price's artwork, and Ted has written some pretty good stuff so I look forward to seeing what they come up with this one. And the FF issue looks as though it should be amusing as well. :)

  2. I really love the luna cover. having her hanging out with are the creatures people misjudged or dislike. making her seem more understanding to them. Its very nice and emotional to me.

    1. Wow I didn't think of it that way! Now it's even better. I almost want to get it and frame it.

  3. I love that Luna cover!!!!! I might actually have to buy both copies just to have both covers! I really hope your right about the guardians of harmony possible hint.