MLP Guardians of Harmony Action Figures Commercial
Hasbro has released two new official commercials. The first one is for the Guardians of Harmony Action figures and it shows some of them like Cheese Sandwich and Pinkie Pie, the Wonderbolts and the large Spike.
The second one is a commercial for the Nightmare Night Friendship is Magic Collection. It showcases all the figures including the chase figures for the Nightmare Night Themed Blind Bag waves as well.

You can watch the commercials below:


  1. Oh, good, maybe this means the stores around here are finally getting this stuff. Have to check this weekend.

  2. managed to get some GOH tuff in the uk today that has finally dropped in price, large pike just £25, Cheese sandwhich set just £15 and the wonderbolys £25 so save a total of £30 not bad for things that haven't long been released here and only available in one store in the uk