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My Little Pony the Movie Pinkie Pie Swimming Seapony
The official Hasbro Youtube has uploaded two commercials. The first one is for the Swimming Seapony Pinkie Pie and the second one is for the Pinkie Pie Seashell Lagoon Playset. I have to admit that when I watch children's television these days I'm most of the time more interested in the commercials haha. As a kid I always loved them. Anyways have the two below.
Thanks to Tomo for the heads up!

MLP Guardians of Harmony Action Figures Commercial
Hasbro has released two new official commercials. The first one is for the Guardians of Harmony Action figures and it shows some of them like Cheese Sandwich and Pinkie Pie, the Wonderbolts and the large Spike.
The second one is a commercial for the Nightmare Night Friendship is Magic Collection. It showcases all the figures including the chase figures for the Nightmare Night Themed Blind Bag waves as well.

You can watch the commercials below:

Toys'R'Us has posted an interesting video about their "The Elements of Friendship" Exclusive line this year. Besises showing the merch includes in this line we also meet one of the product designers and design directors who explain their inspiration for this new line in the video. We also see a bit of behind the screen material as we see part of the office and some work-in-progress artworks of several toys. Quite a lovely video in my opinion if you ask me.

You can watch the video below as we also uploaded it to our channel so that it's stored into our Commercial Database but the video belongs to Hasbro and Toys'R'Us.

Equestria Girls Mini Slumber Party Commercial Launched
Smyths has released a new commercial for the Equestria Girls Mini series, focusing on the slumber party theme. In the video 3 girls play with the characters and you can see the characters and play sets in great detail and the articulation too.
The video is a regular commercial video, not in line with the animated shorts for Twilight Sparkle and Pinkie Pie that have also been released. We still expect to see more of these, so stay patient of you want to see more!
You can watch the video on YouTube, or embedded below:

MLP Equestria Girls Minis Video Promo
Smyths has posted a new video on their official Youtube channel themed after the Equestria Girls minis. This one is about Pinkie Pie as she's preparing her slumber party while she's looking for boneless. Judging by the ending we an expect more of these cute little videos.

Thanks to Tomo for the heads up. You can watch the video below.

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New Friendship is Magic Collection Commercial on Nickelodeon
Hasbro has launched a new commercial for the Friendship is Magic Collection line, exclusively to Nickelodeon. The commercial shows some girls on an apple farm, who spot the FiM Collection figures amongst the apple. What's odd is that this commercial shows the first wave of FiM Collection ponies, the Applejack line, rather than the new Pinkie Pine line.
In the commercial they also mention a game that can be played on the Nickelodeon My Little Pony page, but sadly this is restricted to North America only.
We've ensured that a copy of the commercial is available for everyone, which you can find on our YouTube page or embedded below:

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MLP Equestria Girls Friendship Games Stop Motion Promo
Last week Hasbro posted their first Stop Motion Video on their Facebook page showing all the School Spirit Dolls from the Wondercolt team. But it seems like that wasn't the only one as they made more! One about Twilight Sparkle and her... Archery Skills and one with Motocross Sunset Shimmer and Rainbow Dash. You can watch the video's below.

Thanks to everybody for the heads up!

MLP Equestria Girls Friendship Games Stop Motion Promo
Today the official My Little Pony Facebook page has posted this awesome stop motion video of all the Canterlot High School Spirit Dolls. This because the Friendship Games Premiere is only 21 days away! I'm curious if they will also make a Shadowbolt version...
When the Friendship Games are being held at your school, you need to work the crowd!! – Rainbow Dash
The Friendship Games movie is only 21 days away, ponies! Make sure you’re there to witness the showdown on September 26, on Discovery Family Channel at 8:00 PM EST!!
You can watch the video below on Youtube.

And it seems like a new commercial has arrived. Here we have the commercial for the very popular Friendship is Magic Collection figures. Looks kinda cute with the whole scenery. In the end you can also see the chase figures for the wave 13 and wave 14 blind bags.

Thanks to Spazz DHN for the video! You can watch it below or on Youtube.