Official Images of All Hasbro MLP Plush Found
The New Year starts good with the release of quite a load of new official images for upcoming My Little Pony merch, including the new Reboot Series and Equestria Girls minis figures. We've already see all of these before, but what we didn't see is a fifth style of My Little Pony plush to be official released by Hasbro.
We knew about 5" spaghetti mane plush, 10" flat mane plush, 22" huggable plush and a larger Princess Luna one, but now we learned about another variant: 12" filled mane plush! It's quite a mystery why every size comes with it's own mane style, but we personally think this new set is the most beautiful one of them all. And guess what? Applejack is included in this set, finally!
Another addition is Princess Celestia who will accompany Princess Luna in their own range of 'Feature Wings' 12" plush. We already heard about her earlier this morning in one of the new Entertainment Earth listings.
Exact prices are not yet known, but the release of most plush should be within January. In Canada the Princess Luna plush has in fact already seen an early release!


My Little Pony 12" Applejack Plush
My Little Pony 12" Fluttershy Plush
My Little Pony 12" Pinkie Pie Plush
My Little Pony 12" Rainbow Dash Plush
My Little Pony 12" Rarity Plush
My Little Pony 12" Twilight Sparkle Plush
My Little Pony 12" Princess Celestia Feature Wings Plush
My Little Pony 12" Princess Luna Feature Wings Plush


MLP Applejack 12" Hasbro Plush MLP Fluttershy 12" Hasbro Plush
MLP Pinkie Pie 12" Hasbro Plush MLP Rainbow Dash 12" Hasbro Plush
MLP Rarity 12" Hasbro Plush MLP Twilight Sparkle 12" Hasbro Plush
MLP Princess Celestia 12" Hasbro Plush MLP Princess Luna 12" Hasbro Plush


  1. Replies
    1. Same here aj looks so cool

    2. Yes! Her adorable freckles get me every time!

  2. Always that hatleness, so far only Nici and 4DE got that right if I remember correctly.

  3. They're cute, but...Celestia's hair looks more like Twilight's.

  4. Spotted these at target today!

  5. I love applejack & 4 the most part feel she has been depicted fairly well in most of the plush lines, w the exception of her missing cowboy hat!? Seeing Applejack not wearing her beloved cowboy hat is like Rainbow dash w/o wings or Twilight w/o a horn!! Seriously, how cud anyone design an Applejack figure of any type & not include her hat?? She has NEVER been w/o it in ANY of the tv episodes (4 very long) so where r they even getting this hatless version of her to draw inspiration from? Cuz im sorry, no matter how cute or accurate they r able to make her, it's not truly Applejack if she's not wearing her signature cowboy hat. How & why is that so difficult 4 the toy companies to grasp? Sheesh!