EXCLUSIVE: First Images of Wave 24 Blind Bags Found
Only a small 3 months after the latest blind bag wave was spotted, we already have images of the next upcoming wave! This new upcoming wave has a small bunch of re-released figures, but plenty of new ponies to be excited about! For this first time you'll be able to get Soiled Milk (a.k.a. Spoiled Rich), Deputy Copper, Apple Brown Betty, Trouble Shoes and Double Diamond. The chase figures, of which there are 5, are once again regular molded ponies with larger glitter flakes in their mane and tail, much like the earlier waves. Aside from the new characters there are a few mold changes too, like Fleur de Lis and Raven Inkwell for example.
Below we have the list of all 24 characters, and their currently expected blind bag codes.
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AA - Rarity
AB - Sweetie Drops
AC - Neon Lights
AD - Deputy Copper
AE - Spoiled Milk
AF - Maud Pie
AG - Lily Valley
AH - Zecora
AI - Diamond Tiara
AK - Raven Inkwell
AL - Trouble Shoes
AM - Apple Brown Betty
AN - Apple Cider
AO - Sunshower
AP - Lavender Fritter
AR - Florina Tart
AS - Fluttershy
AT - Soarin
AU - Stormbreaker
AV - Cloud Chaser
AW - Double Diamond
AX - Fleur de Lis
AY - Noteworthy
AZ - Lyra Heartstrings

And there's more database news! We've added Wave 20A and 20B for blind bag fans in the UK, including what we expect their codes to be. And finally we've added the probable codes of Wave 23. Check it all in our MLP Blind Bags Database.


  1. Finally, a Cloud Chaser to add to my collection. A bit bummed that they couldn't make her mane look more like it does in the show, but I'll still take her.

    1. It's all just recolors, what do you expect. Ne molds for blindbag waves have been really rare, nowadays they just throw FIM Collection recolors in the mix instead of only repeating the Mane6 forever.

  2. The only complaint from me is that Lyra and Bon Bon (Sweetie Drops) look worse than their wave 19 models. :(

  3. Honestly, I loved the first 12 waves, but the subsequent 12...have all blended together in a big blur of mediocrity and utter laziness...not to mention that I haven't been able to get even the more interesting ones because the ones that have appeared on eBay are ridiculously overpriced. I can no longer tell one wave from another, or one bag from another, to pick faves at the store. Here I'd be most interested in Fleur de Lis and Cloudchaser...and Apple Brown Betty if her coloring were accurate.

  4. Zecora looks really detailed and I love Sweetie Drops!

  5. I really want spoiled milk fluer did Li's and cloud chaser