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MLP Merch Poll #150MLP Merch Poll #149
Last week we asked you what your hopes are for the mysterious new Equestria Girls Minis that were spotted on a Polish Instagram. While we saw quite some comments of people not wanting blind bags, the poll option for that actually won! It got almost 5 times the votes that smaller non-blind figures got, so apparently blind bags are still popular. Another option that got lots of votes was to get just another wave of EqG Minis, without any special changes. Only 10% wants the figures to be cheaper and 6% is hoping for cheaper minis.

EXCLUSIVE: First Images of Wave 24 Blind Bags Found
Only a small 3 months after the latest blind bag wave was spotted, we already have images of the next upcoming wave! This new upcoming wave has a small bunch of re-released figures, but plenty of new ponies to be excited about! For this first time you'll be able to get Soiled Milk (a.k.a. Spoiled Rich), Deputy Copper, Apple Brown Betty, Trouble Shoes and Double Diamond. The chase figures, of which there are 5, are once again regular molded ponies with larger glitter flakes in their mane and tail, much like the earlier waves. Aside from the new characters there are a few mold changes too, like Fleur de Lis and Raven Inkwell for example.
Below we have the list of all 24 characters, and their currently expected blind bag codes.