2017 MLP Merch Battle Winners!
In the last few weeks of 2017 it was time for a second season of the MLP Merch Battles. We received tons of votes, and would like to thank everybody for joining in and casting their votes! We've now collected all the votes and are ready to present the winners to you. We've once again listed the winners for each merch type, including a little summary of what results we find interesting. Are any of your favorites among the winners?

Blind Bags

The results of the blind bags are quite surprising! Gemshine Guard, a not yet released character from Wave 23, already took the second place! Queen Chrysalis managed to get in the 3rd place and Princess Celestia won this year.
Fun fact: The Celestia figure that won is also featured in the set Queen Chrysalis comes in.
1. Friends Forever Collection Princess Celestia
2. Gemshine Guard
3. Royal Surprise Set Queen Chrysalis


In the brushables battle we saw a great amount of votes for more rare characters, which shows off in the top 3! Haven Bay was the only winner that was introduced in 2017, and she was pretty close to fan-favorite Sunset Shimmer and the sought-after Diamond Rose.
1. Through The Mirror Sunset Shimmer
2. Traveling Single Diamond Rose
3. Haven Bay

Equestria Girls

It was a bit of a gamble to include the reboot series in the battles so soon, but it turned out perfect for Sunset Shimmer! She won with quite a distance to the other dolls, even the other reboot ones. Also features in the top 3 are the most sought after Equestria Girls doll to date, Adagio Dazzle, and the rollerskating Rarity.
1. Reboot Series Sunset Shimmer
2. Sporty Style Deluxe Rarity
3. Singing Adagio Dazzle

Equestria Girls Minis

The top 3 of the EqG Minis battle is full of 'mane 7' characters Sunset Shimmer and Starlight Glimmer. Two of them are even of the same Movie Collection set.
Fun fact: Number 5 on this list was also Sunset Shimmer!
1. Pep Rally Sunset Shimmer
2. Movie Collection Sunset Shimmer
3. Movie Collection Starlight Glimmer

Guardians of Harmony

It wasn't really a surprise that the Fan Series statues would end high in this battle, but what is a small surprise is that they don't contest the complete top 3. Popular MLP the Movie character Tempest Shadow slips in with a second entry on the 3rd spot, leaving other Fan Series behind her.
1. Fan Series Tempest Shadow & Twilight Sparkle
2. Fan Series Nightmare Moon
3. Sky Skiff Tempest Shadow


It's literally all glitter in the top 3! First we see one of the most expensive Funko figures, that of Princess Luna, followed by her 'colleague' Princess Cadance. The list is complete with Trixie's glitter variant in 3rd place.
1. Glitter Princess Luna Vinyl
2. Glitter Princess Cadance Vinyl
3. Glitter Trixie Lulamoon Vinyl


It's commonly known that Build-a-Bear plush are of great detail and quality, which shows off in the top 3 with Big McIntosh and Zecora. A quite random 10" Applejack from Famosa ended in 3rd place.
1. Build-a-Bear Big McIntosh
2. Build-a-Bear Zecora
3. 10" Famosa Applejack

Other Figures

The fun thing about the Other Figures category is the wide variety of figures! This year's top 3 consists of a Christmas ornament, miniature seapony and a happy meals character.
Fun fact: This is the only list to fully features mane 6 characters.
1. Carlton 2016 Pinkie Pie Christmas Ornament
2. Squishy Pops Rainbow Dash Seapony
3. McDonalds's Happy Meal 2016 Twilight Sparkle

Friendship is Magic Collection

A clear list of fan-favorite characters over at this award ceremony! Princess Luna, Tempest Shadow and DJ Pon-3 where the most popular figures from the FiM Collection.
1. Princess Luna
2. Tempest Shadow
3. DJ Pon-3


  1. Interesting Winners.

    Found these listings of some possible new cheaper Equestria Girls toys like the Pinkie Pie that was posted a while back. Here are the links:


    1. Oh wow, very interestong, then, really there will be "funny, XD" "blind bags" versions of the equestria girls minis, well, As I said before, they are not bad, but they look something "curious", XD

  2. Really were very good battles and congratulations to the winners, XD, XD,:P
    And yes, the irony, many people didn't like the new design of the equestria girls and the winner of that round turned out to be one with that new design, he he.

    Well, good battles, and for Rarity, well, at least, she won 1 prize in the round of Equestria girls dolls, but Fluttershy didn't win in any round, oh well...

  3. Congrats, winners. Some of my favorites made it onto the podiums: Starlight, Sunset, Adagio.
    Love Diamond Rose and Haven Bay too. And of course, the mane six and other popular characters who're always sure to dominate. :D I actually would like to see a competition amongst all the minor and toy-only ponies.

  4. Of course Diamond Mint won one of these battles. I heard she was a really popular brushable.