My Little Pony NY Toy Fair 2019 Wrap-Up
It's February, and that means New York Toy Fair time! Although, this year is quite different from earlier installments (2018, 2017, 2016, 2015 & 2014) as it's accompanied by the official statement from Hasbro that the upcoming 9th season of Friendship is Magic will be the final one for the generation. Everything points towards an upcoming 5th generation afterwards, but you'll find no hint of that on the fair this year. Instead it's a line-up that pretty much covers everything that has been announced in the past few weeks, including the recent waves of Cutie Mark Crew and brushables that were released in late 2018.
Though, we do see some new sets on display at the fair this year, with the 2019 series called "Rainbow Road Trip" which ties in with an upcoming special. And there's some amazing news from other companies too, including Kidrobot, who are releasing their first My Little Pony figures this year!


My Little Pony Toy Fair 2019 - Oh My Giggles Pinkie Pie
The big pony for this year is the Oh My Giggles Pinkie Pie. When you tickle her she will giggle and wiggle around! You can also hide her and surprise anyone when they open the door for example as she has a infra-red sensor. Below we have a preview of what that looks like.

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My Little Pony Toy Fair 2019 - Rainbow Tail Surprise
We also see the Rainbow Tail Surprise Set. This 6-pack contains the whole mane-six with white tails. Like we posted before, you're supposed to place/dip them in water and their tails will turn rainbow-colored. Twilight's wings also respond to water

My Little Pony Toy Fair 2019 - Multi-Pack
At the brushables display we see a brand new multi-pack too. The ponies included are the Mane Six, the three princesses (with Luna being dark-blue!), Spike and Minty for some reason. Perhaps she will play a role in the upcoming Rainbow Road Trip Special.

My Little Pony Toy Fair 2019 - On The Go Rainbow DashMy Little Pony Toy Fair 2019 - Rainbow Lights
Another new set is the On The Go Rainbow Dash, which is the second wave in the series, and a new line of figures called "Rainbow Lights". These seaponies float in water, and when they do, they'll light up with multiple colors!
My Little Pony Toy Fair 2019 - Rainbow Lights

My Little Pony Toy Fair 2019 - Preview Video
Interestingly enough, in the preview video that Hasbro shared we saw two big heads of Pinkie Pie and Twilight Sparkle, but during the con these were removed from display. We couldn't find anything related to these in the product descriptions (see below), so these will remain a mystery for now.

Equestria Girls

My Little Pony Toy Fair 2019 - Equestria Girls Fashion Squad
The Equestria Girls line has been acting strange in our opinion for the past years with the Reboot Dolls, the recent disappearance of the Minis and now the introduction of the Fashion Squad. And by the looks of it, it seems like the Equestria Girls line is coming to an end as well. The only thing we didn't see yet is another Best Friends pack containing Fluttershy and Twilight Sparkle. Overall nothing new related to the Equestria Girls was shown.

Cutie Mark Crew

My Little Pony Toy Fair 2019 - Cutie Mark Crew
One line that is doing well however is the Cutie Mark Crew line. We've seen some new larger packs as well as blind packs for wave 4, 5 and 6 so we can at least expect two more waves. A confetti Party Countdown set was also on display. The concept of this release can be compared to that of a Advent Calender. Children can countdown 7 days till a special date, like their Birthday. For every day they open they will find a Cutie Mark Crew Figure. Or you can be impatient and open them all at once. You decide! And when we look at the blind packs, we can see that the 5th and 6th set will still come in confetti-filled containers as well, so don't store your vacuum cleaner just yet.
Aside from actual figures, the CMC plush are on display too, as well as several (Polish) stationary items with Cutie Mark Crew designs.
My Little Pony Toy Fair 2019 - Cutie Mark CrewMy Little Pony Toy Fair 2019 - Cutie Mark Crew

Basic Fun

My Little Pony Toy Fair 2019 - Basic Fun Retro Ponies
Earlier this year we mentioned the continuation of Basic Fun's line of retro G1 ponies in 2019, and this will not be a single set! At the Toy Fair they revealed an update of the Pretty Parlor, this time with Lemondrop as the included figure, and an upcoming line of Flutter Ponies in both single and triple-packs will be release in 2019 as well.
My Little Pony Toy Fair 2019 - Basic Fun Retro Ponies

My Little Pony Toy Fair 2019 - Basic Fun Retro PoniesMy Little Pony Toy Fair 2019 - Basic Fun Retro Ponies
A few weeks ago we also reported that the 11th Wave of the Fashems/Mashems would be themed after the Classic Ponies from the First Generation. Basic Fun had these on display during the Toy Fair as well confirming that Cotton Candy is indeed the mystery figure of this wave.
My Little Pony Toy Fair 2019 - Basic Fun Retro PoniesMy Little Pony Toy Fair 2019 - Basic Fun Retro Ponies

Super Impulse

My Little Pony Toy Fair 2019 - Super Impulse Worlds SmallestMy Little Pony Toy Fair 2019 - Super Impulse Worlds Smallest
A few days before the fair an announcement was made that Super Impulse would be making the "World's Smallest" My Little Pony figures. During this year's Toy Fair they had some of them for display and they are indeed really tiny!
My Little Pony Toy Fair 2019 - Super Impulse Worlds SmallestMy Little Pony Toy Fair 2019 - Super Impulse Worlds Smallest


My Little Pony Toy Fair 2019 - KidrobotMy Little Pony Toy Fair 2019 - Kidrobot
New to the My Little Pony scene is Kidrobot, who will release at least one series of figures and a plush. The figures are best compared to the Funko Mystery Mini figures, as they're about the same size, chibi-styled and come in blind boxes.We don't get to see any final designs, but the box and non-painted figures indicate that there will be various dressed-up Mane 6 figures within this series.
The plush is quite larger than the figures and features "HugMe" Rainbow Dash in the same chibi-style. She's rocking a hoodie and glasses and has a bit of a smirk.


My Little Pony Toy Fair 2019 - KotobukiyaMy Little Pony Toy Fair 2019 - Kotobukiya
Over at the Kotobukiya stand the My Little Pony section is still limited to just Pinkie Pie and Twilight Sparkle. Though, this is the first time we see an actual statue aside from the official photos released before.
My Little Pony Toy Fair 2019 - KotobukiyaMy Little Pony Toy Fair 2019 - Kotobukiya

Official Product Descriptions

Below is a collection of official product descriptions that came with the new sets of 2019. They all mark a fall 2019 release, which usually means online listings in the summer and in-store availability in the late summer. Most spring 2019 listings were on display, but these feature figures and packs that we already reported on before.
(Ages 3 years & up/Approx. Retail Price: $29.99/Available: Fall 2019) Discover the magic of the rainbow with the Rainbow Tail Surprise pack! In the My Little Pony Rainbow Road Trip special, the Mane 6 have to bring back the rainbow when they travel to a land without color. Inspired by entertainment, these pony figures' tails are colorless until placed in water! Use water to reveal beautiful, rainbow-colored tails, then repeat once the color fades away. Rainbow Tail Surprise pack includes 3-inch figures of the Mane 6 ponies with entertainment inspired designs, including molded manes and tails and signature character cutie marks. Also use water to reveal beautiful colors on the Twilight Sparkle figure's wings. Inspired by scenes from the Rainbow Road Trip special! Fans of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic and My Little Pony: The Movie can collect some of their favorite characters with a unique, entertainment-inspired design! Available at most major toy retailers nationwide.
(Ages 3 years & up/Approx. Retail Price: $9.99/Available: Fall 2019)
In My Little Pony: The Movie, favorite pony characters turn into seaponies with mermaid tails for underwater adventures in Seaquestria. These Rainbow Lights seapony figures sits inside a molded inner tube. Place them in water to see them float and activate multi-colored lights! (Not for use in salt water.) When the lights turn off, take the figure out of the water and put her back in to reactivate. Or, press the button on the bottom of the tube to activate rainbow lights! Assortment includes Rainbow Lights Fluttershy and Rainbow Dash figures.
(Ages 4 years & up/Approx. Retail Price: $19.99/Available: Fall 2019)
Cutie Mark Crew playsets combine the worlds of My Little Pony and Equestria Girls to imagine a universe of play and friendships beyond the mirror's portal. This Confetti Party Countdown pack includes 8 figures, 7 of which are hidden behind balloon-shaped packaging. Get the party started by revealing the mystery character and accessory inside each confetti-filled balloon. Balloons are numbered 1-7 so kids can countdown to their birthday, a special event, or just 7 days of surprises! Comes with 8 1.5-inch pony figures, including Pinkie Pie pony with exclusive rainbow-colored hair. Some mystery figures have fun ombre colors or rainbow highlights in their hair! Each figure comes with a mini fashion accessory in a matching color. Line up the ponies and accessories to create a rainbow party. Features 14 surprises and 7 multi-layered unboxing experiences!
(Ages 4 years & up/Approx. Retail Price: $9.99/Available: Fall 2019)
The Cutie Mark Crew combines the worlds of My Little Pony and Equestria Girls to imagine a universe of play and friendships beyond the mirror's portal. This blind bag 3-pack collection brings together pony, seapony, and Equestria Girls figures for fun adventures. Pack features 3 balloon-shaped blind bags, each including an adorable 1.5-inch figure, themed accessory, collector card, and stackable case. Pull the strings on each balloon to get the party started. Then, shake out the colorful confetti inside to reveal the hidden character!

Special Thanks

We'd like to thank the following people and websites for their photos:
eviestoyhouse (Hasbro stand)
MrFroggyStuff (Hasbro stand)
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Juegos Juguetes y coleccionables (Basic Fun)
bizzarro_toys (Basic Fun & Super Impulse)
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Figures.com (Kidrobot)
ToyArk.com (Kotobukiya)


  1. That Oh My Giggles Pinkie Pie is hilarious/adorable! I need that!!

  2. Important to note on the Flutter Ponies: We do not yet know if they will actually be released. They will only be produced if retailers pick them up (originally the didn't want photos of them but must have changed their minds later). Hopefully they will be made, but we don't know yet. Apparently the ones here are actual 80's ones on display, not ones that Basic Fun actually made.

    Source: http://mlparena.com/index.php/topic,391967.msg1760378.html#msg1760378

  3. Given Hasbro just did a "light reboot" of Equestria Girls in 2017 I don't see them ending the line when FIM ends. Odds are there will still be animated specials for Equestria Girls at least a year or two after pony ends and we are only at the start of the second of three confirmed seasons for the shorts! So Equestria Girls will probably stick around till the end of 2021 at least.

    And hey at least IDW said they'll keep doing the comics even after the cartoon ends, so for those of us who aren't able to enjoy G5 can still get new FIM adventures that way. Which makes sense as it seemed to work pretty well for people who were fans of G1 G.I.Joe more or less and Adventure Time for more recent toons.

    1. Equestria Girls has long been an own brand and it's very unlikely that the current G4 EQG will continue after G4 ends considering Hasbro also plans on a G5 EQG series.

    2. There's never been anything said about a G5 EQG. You literally just made that up.

      Also technically it would just be a second generation for it when/if one did ever come about. Regardless there's still potentially at least 2-3 years of current EQG animations yet to air. So yea only time will tell.

    3. I didn't make that up, it was literally in the leaks that they plan to continue EQG "with" G5 (no word of it being G4), no single word about the current one and as investor I would know if they would plan otherwise anyways.

    4. Don't forget that the continuation of a Hasbro series depends on toy sales and EQG has been taken off of the shelves long time ago due the cancelation of the Minis and the dolls always did so bas they never were available worldwide in the first place, no point in continuing a series that doesn't get them toys sold, else Littlest Pet Shop would have never been rebooted as AWOOO either despite the previous series being highly popular.

    5. Again you are literally just making things-up. The "Reboot" dolls sold well and minis were still sold at Targets and Best Buy and a few other places till the Fashion Squad minis replaced them this year.

      Go to any Wal-Mart and you can find the New Dolls There. If you don't like the spin-off that's fine, that's your right but its dumb just to make things-up to fit your world view. We know there are still 2 new specials this year and 2 next year. the rest of the season 2 shorts and a third season in production. The series will last at least till 2021 and there is no official confirmation that a G2/G5 EG or whatever is even at thing that exists.

      Also LPS AWOOO didn't help LPS toy sales at all thus the reason it is only getting one season.

    6. The reboot dolls did not actually sell well. I think you are the one viewing things in your own world. The dolls had a ton of negative backlash for the new looks, and yes they are available everywhere & that's because they're trying to clear their inventory of the dolls that never had sold out.

    7. They still sold better then the previous dolls which were critically panned for being uber-cheap and ugly.

      Guess everyone lives in their own little world on the internet it seems, but hey lets all pretend we all know everything months/years before it happens when even the actual content creators don't.

    8. If the original dolls didn't sell any better, how come they were able to carry on for 4+ years, and this line only about 2?
      You have to stop being so close-minded and look at the actual stats. A majority of fans have shown more disapproval towards these dolls than the previous ones, you just haven't opened your eyes and ears to realize it.

    9. Glad to hear IDW will be continuing on even after the show is over. I do like their MLP comics.

  4. the basic fun stand is the best! so excited for the flutter ponies!!! can't say the same about the hasbro pony section, same mane six big suprise!

  5. I can't seem to find the Pinkie Pie plush at around 1:10 in this video in the database. Is it new?

    1. It looks very similar to the Build-A-Bear Pinkie but without the hair mane. Maybe a special edition release?

    2. Eh, I don't really think so. It looks quite a bit smaller than a Build-a-Bear. The legs taper too much and are too far apart. The face is too wide, eyes too far apart, and the shape of the muzzle is different. Proportionally, the head is bigger.
      As for what it is, I couldn't really say. It's certainly different from the Hasbro plushes that seem to have taken over recently. Whether or not it's made by Hasbro is ambiguous, as it's surrounded by both their products and licensed ones (though it seems to be good quality, which makes me doubt Hasbro would make it)!
      I sincerely hope it's not one of the high quality plushes that ends up being an international exclusive. The metallic ear lining is interesting, an overall it looks like a very good plush! It's a shame it went so overlooked.
      Now if only we had a not-so-blurry shot of the mystery object at the bottom of the same shelf. I can only assume it's a pony. I doubt they'd put anything new down there if it didn't appear anywhere else at the Toy Fair, but it's still going to bug me.
      My apologies for that novel...

  6. I see the other Super Impulse toys on Amazon- love their Fisher Price line- but when exactly are the ponies coming out? First Quarter 2019...? Fourth? That G1 pony stand is to die for- that'd look pretty sweet over my pony shelves!!!

  7. Disappointing. Most of the toys are recolors. The only interesting thing is those floating light ponies, which I genuinely want (although I doubt i'll see them in stores since Walmart and Mejier both set their new 2019 Planograms and those aren't included). However, overall I feel like Hasbro just kind of gave up. They set up so many possible pony merchandise lines (Ponies around the world collection? Seriously, did you not see that marketability with the Asian-Inspired and Egyptian-Inspired storylines?!) but didn't bother to actually do anything. MLP doesn't go out in a bang of multicolor friendship but goes out with a small whimper.

  8. Greta, so again, nothing interesting. Where did the Collector's series minifigure line go? Where are the statues? Cutie Mark Crew sucks, IMHO. They all look the same and are ridiculously superdeformed.

    1. "they all look the same" XDDD
      Then why are you not complaining about the show itself? Most ponies are literally just copy and paste of the body.

  9. Kind of interested in that Kidrobot line, but worried that none of the stores around here will pick it up.