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Store Finds: Cutie Cuffs, Deep Cuts, Missing Storm King & More
Now that, I think, everyone is aware of the upcoming My Little Pony: Pony Life series, it's time to go back to our usual reporting: store finds! We've been saving up submits from the past 1.5 month, and hopefully we're not missing anything in this post. Nevertheless we've got tons of merch to share with you, so keep on reading below!
If you happen to find brand new stuff in your local store, then feel free to write us a small message with photos.

US - Scholastic Variant of CMC Collectors Guide

At the Scholastic book fairs (mostly in the US) you can buy a variant of the publicly available (Amazon) Cutie Mark Crew Collectors Guide. With the Scholastic version you get a Rainbow Dash Cutie Mark Crew figure and a slightly different cover. The added figure isn't free though: the book available at Scholastic book fairs is $12, which is $3 more than the regular book.
(Thanks to Beth)

US - My Little Pony Cutie Cuffs

Over at Target you can now finds these new My Little Pony Cutie Cuffs by Bulls-i-Toy. These plush versions of the mane 6 are like slap bracelets and can clam onto your arm. We couldn't find the exact dimensions of them, but on the photos you can see that they're about the size of a hand.
(Thanks to Victor, Samantha & Sorority)

Mexico - Friends of Equestria Also at Mexican Costco

In the last store finds post we wrote about the availability of the Friends of Equestria set in US Costco stores and online in Mexico. Now Costco has made the set available in their Mexican stores too for 700 Pesos (around $36).
(Thanks to Ria - Photo from US Costco by Victor)

US - Shaped Brushes at Walmart

Townley Girl, a company you might know from licensed My Little Pony make-up products, released some brand new shaped brushes at Walmart. Available are designs of Pinkie Pie, Rainbow Dash & Twilight Sparkle for $5.97 each.
(Thanks to Samantha)

Online - My Little Pony Deep Cuts (HD Minis) Now on Amazon

I thought it was a longer time ago, but in June of this year we shared news from WizKids, where they announced that a set of unpainted My Little Pony Deep Cut (or HD Minis) figures would be coming soon. These figures targeted at role-play scenarios are now available on Amazon for $6.99 each. All figures are pre-primed and come with color suggestions on the packaging, but you're free to pick your own colors and go crazy on the design.
(Thanks to Victor)

US - My Little Pony Suncatcher, Dry Erase Board & Wrapping Paper

Over at Dollar Tree you can now find these paint-your-own pony suncatchers, as well as a dry erase board with My Little Pony design.
Also found there is My Little Pony-themed wrapping paper - by Hallmark!
(Thanks to Victor & Matt)

US - Halloween Window Clings Sheet at Meijer

Not sure if these are still on offer, seeing as Halloween is already several weeks behind us, but maybe you can find them in clearance soon: a My Little Pony Halloween-themed window sticker/clings sheet with some unique (or infrequent) vectors on it!
(Thanks to Sorority)

US - 35th Anniversary G1 Retro Unicorns & Pegasi at Renys

If you live in Maine and are still looking for the retro Unicorn & Pegasus Collection ponies, you should definitely check Renys: they added the figures to their assortment last month, and they're available for $9.99.
(Thanks to PinkiePie97)

Online - Playskool Friends Twilight Sparkle Mini Plush

While this plush was originally announced in 2017, I'm not to sure if this Playskool mini plush (6") of Twilight Sparkle has been available within the US. If not, it's available now on Amazon US.
(Thanks to Ria)

US - Five Below Stocks EqG Minis and Brushables

Not to sure if these have been posted before, but seen here is the current My Little Pony offers at Five Below. Included are the Equestria Girls Minis from the Mall Series, Spinning Skirts brushables and some older articulated ponies. And of course they're true to their name: all figures are $5 or less.
(Thanks to Sorority)

US - FiM Collection Canterlot Castle Re-Released Without Storm King

The only store we were still missing in this post was Walgreens, but rest assured that they do have news: the Friendship is Magic Collection Canterlot Castle set has been re-released under the current series - thus dropping the MLP: the Movie title. And that's not the only thing they're dropping with this re-release: Storm King, who was originally bundled with Princess Celestia in this set, is no longer part of the new release. Hasbro probably made this decision to keep Movie-only characters out of the re-releases under newer series.
(Thanks to Victor)

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