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Mighty Jaxx Opens Poll for Next MLP Figure

Over on their Instagram page Mighty Jaxx opened a quick poll to see which pony they should release as their next figure: Princess Luna or Nightmare Moon. The figure with the most votes will presumably be the next XXRay Plus figure, of which Princess Celestia was announced before.

According to the Story the favourite pony might be shown "real soon", which could indicate that they're currently planning on designs for both Princess Luna and her Nightmare Moon form. At the time we checked their profile, the latter was in the lead with a significant margin.

At this moment we don't have additional information on what the figure(s) might look like, but we hope to hear more about the results soon. If you're looking for more info on what Mighty Jaxx has released before, be sure to check out our Freeny's Hidden Dissectibles My Little Pony review.

Thanks to Victor for the heads-up!

Mighty Jaxx Opens Poll for Next MLP Figure

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