Target Lists Shining Adventures Collection + More G5
After a long silence, Target finally added their range of My Little Pony G5 to their online shop, including the new Shining Adventures Collection! That set was found yesterday, but other than the photo and the price of $49.99 we had no further information. Now with the online listing we can see that it doesn't mention it being exclusive to Target and that the figures are indeed 6" tall.
We now also get to see all ponies in detail, including the first Deputy Sprout figure, and directly added them to our G5 database. Below this post we also have photos of the ponies and the back of the box!

Along with this set Target also dropped all other G5 toys and merch that they offer to their online store, such as the Friendship Shine Collection, Crystal Adventure singles and several activity sets. Below we have listings for all that we found.

Note that not only Target, but Walmart and Amazon have added G5 listings too.


Activity Sets



  1. Did they really give Zipp short brushable hair but molded hair for the boys??? ��

  2. Disappointing that this set seems to come with no accessories at all. And I completely understand the complaints about the molded hair on the colts.

    1. Well, I mean... it DOES have a comb...

      I feel like they could've at least included Sunny's bag and Pipp's tiara, since there are molds for them for other 6-inchers; Hitch also lacks his sash, which does not come in this size (yet). I am personally planning on getting the singing Pipp and rainbow-haired Sunny anyway due to the extra features and decoration, but it would have been nice to see these guys get the accessories, too.

  3. I feel like hasbro is treating the male ponies unfairly because all I see is the male ponies having melded hair while the female ponies get brushable hair, if they can give zipp brushable hair, why not hitch?

  4. Best brushables so far.

  5. I would have liked Trailblazer from this set. Not buying the whole pack for one pony. And now the boys have evolved into overgrown McDonald's toys. I guess that's one small step in the right direction.