Store Finds: Hitch Figure, Retro Ponies, Plaster Painting & More

We're back with a filled store finds post! It'll probably be the last one for this year, so we made sure to include ornaments and wrapping paper in this episode. Other finds include Hitch Trailblazer figures, Twinkle-Eyed retro ponies and several older announcements that have been spotted in the wild.

If you happen to find brand new stuff in your local store, then feel free to write us a small message with photos.

Online - First Batch of Hitch Figures Shipped

Many people are hoping for more Hitch figures, or still waiting to get their hands on a Crystal Adventure set of him. Good news for those that have been waiting on pre-orders: Entertainment Earth shipped the first batch of figures this week! New pre-orders can still be placed for single figures or, if you're planning on completing the mane 5, a set with 6 ponies.
(Thanks to Samantha)

US - Twinkle-Eyed Retro Ponies Found at Meijer

Back in August we wrote about the new series of retro ponies by Basic Fun featuring new releases of Twinkle-Eyed G1 ponies. Normally new released were quickly released at Target, but since their contract ended Basic Fun has been looking for other places to release new waves. One of those places is Meijer, that now stocks the Twinkle-Eyed ponies. Farm's and Fleet is also going to retail these ponies, but apparently not all stores have received their stock yet.
(Thanks to Comet)

US - New Hallmark Twilight Sparkle Ornament

Also available at Meijer is a new G4 Christmas ornament of Twilight Sparkle by Hallmark. She seems to have the same pose as the Rainbow Dash ornament released last year.
(Thanks to Victor)

US - Smashin' Fashion Sunset Shimmer at Marshalls

While originally announced over a year ago, we don't seem to have featured this Sunset Shimmer in a store finds before! Our apologies if it has been found before, but if not: Marhalls has her in stock!
(Thanks to Splash Lights Photos)

US - Wave 2 Pony Friends Found at Five Below

In March we had unique store finds post featuring both waves of the Pony Friends figures being released around the same time, being it on other continents. Now Five Below released the second wave in-store as well! This wave features the complete mane 6 with G4.5 bodies and minimal paint: manes and cutie marks are all monochrome.
(Thanks to Depeche Maud)

US & AU - 3 My Little Pony Plaster Painting Kits

Normally we don't combine country finds, but this time we make an exception! In total 3 plaster painting kits have been found, across the US and Australia.
In the US you can get a set of 2D plaster to paint, distributed by Kid Stuff for $4.99 at Riteaid. And on the other side of the ocean it's Hunter Leisure that releases 3D plaster figures at Kmart, in both a 3-pack for $15 and a large activity pack with a single Sunny figure for $20.
(Thanks to pastelcookiepops)

US - My Baby Pinkie Pie Surfaces at Tuesday Morning

That's right: at Tuesday Morning, a store I've never heard of before, but appears to have quite a few stores in the US. They managed to get hold of some stock of this My Baby Pinkie Pie from the Rainbow Roadtrip era around 2019. I don't believe she was a common sight before, so if you were still looking for her, this is your chance! She's discounted to $16.99, whereas Hasbro lists her at $19.99 MSRP.
(Thanks to Samantha)

US - My Little Pony Wrapping Paper

Saw some new stores finds you want to gift someone this holiday season? Wrap them up in style with this cute winter-themed wrapping paper, found at Walmart. They seem to be from last year, but that doesn't ruin the joy, and gives you a chance to get Mane 6 wrapping paper while that still lasts. You can also buy them per 2 rolls on the Walmart website or single rolls at Amazon.
(Thanks to Leni Lover)

DE - Wave 2 Secret Rings at Real

We've earlier seen this second wave of Secret Rings blind packs at Target in the US, but they've now also completed the journey towards Europe, and have been found at Real stores in Germany. They're $4.29 each and feature a combination of G4 and G5 ponies in one single wave!
(Thanks to Andreas)

DE - G5 Umbrella by Undercover

And we stay in Germany (and assumably nearby countries too), as you can now find umbrellas with G5 art at toy stores, as well as online at MyToys for €9.49. It's made by Undercover, who commonly release licensed umbrellas, and this is part of their fall 2021 line.
(Thanks to Ayu)


  1. The Twinkle Eye Ponies are also at Cacker Barrel! I got all 4 there!

  2. ive never seen the G1 ponies at farm and fleet in my area