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Closer Look at Bloks Castle of Friendship Set

A couple of days ago we posted about Chinese company Bloks that released a line of licensed My Little Pony building block sets. We saw a lot of positive response, and are happy to let you know that we received photos from the actual Castle of Friendship set that we can share with you! Now we also get a better look at what this set contains, together with a good look at the included figures.

On these photos we can see that the castle is quite large, especially with the tower and (cardboard) star on top. The ponies are nicely molded and come with, somewhat unfitting, accessories such as glasses, necklaces and bags. Aside from those wearable accessories there are of course plenty of parts to build and decorate the castle, as well as several stickers that are optional to use.

A few points of attention that the submitter RDB wanted to share:

  • The star on top of the castle is made of cardboard, not plastic (and thus not a building block)
  • Applejack's hat is molded with the pony and cannot be removed
  • The center room does not contain a Cutie Map, but does have seats with Cutie Marks on them
  • As seen on the photos, the figures seem to use the same mold as the China-exclusive figures that KaiShu released in 2020

Thanks a lot to RDB for the photos! Below we have more, including profiles of the castle, detailed shots of the ponies, a comparison with the POP castle and the KaiShu figure.

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  1. I really wish the person taking the photos had a Lego brick handy, I wanted to see if they were compatible. Otherwise, very cool stuff.