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Closer Look at Bloks Castle of Friendship Set

A couple of days ago we posted about Chinese company Bloks that released a line of licensed My Little Pony building block sets. We saw a lot of positive response, and are happy to let you know that we received photos from the actual Castle of Friendship set that we can share with you! Now we also get a better look at what this set contains, together with a good look at the included figures.

Bloks Releases My Little Pony Building Brick Sets in China

Every since the start of G4 people have been wondering if we were every going to see My Little Pony building brick sets. Aside from some bootleg products the (failed) K'NEX/Tinkertoy sets were the closest we got to that wish.

My Little Pony K'NEX Line-Up Announced + Images
Yesterday we already released a sneak-peak at the first My Little Pony K'NEX set, but now the full line-up has been announced, including high quality images and a release date!
The sets will be released under the K'NEX Tinkertoy brand, which has seen a big re-branding in 2012 in a partnership between K'NEX and Hasbro.
For September 2017 a total of 6 sets have been announced, four of which have images, and below we've included all information we have right now:

The new Amazon listings also include loads of new POP figures, with some very interesting findings! Amongst the new POP figures there are actually no starter kits, but POP Design-a-pony kit, POP Wing kits, POP 5-inch kits, POP Style kits and POP Fashion kits. Figures include Spitfire, DJ PON-3, Princess Celestia, Princess Cadance, Princess Luna and the mane 6. A lot of these figures are also being release under the Cutie Mark Magic line. Below you can read the full descriptions and we'll let you know when more info arrives!
All of these POP ponies have very new Hasbro product codes (Bxxxx) and have no image, price or release date available yet.
Want to share this info? Please take note of the effort we put in finding and researching this merch. We'd appreciate a link back!

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Today on Amazon we found 3 mysterious listings for Play-Doh My Little Pony Make 'n Style Ponies, Rainbow Dash Style Salon Playset and Cutie Mark Creators. While there are no images available yet, the descriptions are very clear about these sets, which confirms that these will all be MLP Friendship is Magic (G4) Play-Doh sets. Play-Doh and MLP, both Hasbro IPs, have been combined before back in the time of G3, but these are the first confirmed listings for G4 sets.

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Review - My Little Pony POP Rarity and Twilight Sparkle
As we promised yesterday, here is our review of our Hasbro POP starter kits. We've made a video review and also created a text review for those who can't or don't want to watch the video review:

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Amethyst Star Wave 3 Hasbro POP Starter Kit
Toywiz has officially listed all upcoming wave 2 and wave 3 of the buildable pony Hasbro POP Starter Kits. You were already able to see Amethyst Star, Lyra Heartstrings and Cheerilee on our website, but we've got the detailed images of ALL ponies and packaging of the upcoming figures. There are a few figures that have already been sold, but the newer waves contain different hair pieces and/or stickers. All of these are available for pre-order for $5.99 or $6.99 and will be released in September. It could take a while before these hit physical stores like Target, Walmart and Toys"R"Us, but we'll let you know when the first reports come in!

Hasbro POP Amethyst Star Rainbow Dash Fluttershy Pinkie Pie Wave 3 Basic Pony Figures
Hasbro has big plans for their POP pony series: Entertainment Earth and Big Bad Toy Store listed a 3rd wave of POP basic ponies to be released in September, with what seems to be wave 2 as well. As we've seen before, wave 2 will also include Lyra Heartstrings and Cheerilee.
Wave 3 also contains Rainbow Dash, Fluttershy and Pinkie Pie with what seems like new hair and stickers.

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Hasbro POP Rainbow Dash Figure
Hasbro POP Rainbow Dash Figure

A picture of the Hasbro POP Rainbow Dash has appeared on Taobao. The mane and tail makes it look like she's flying and kind of look like her Rainbow Power design. On the picture from Taobao she has purple wings, but these are probably from the Twilight Sparkle figure.
The Rainbow Dash figure was already presented at the 2013 New York Toy Fair, but at the fair she wasn't posed with her molded mane and tail (but they are visible, as seen in the picture after the cut).

Tomy Buildable MLP Vinyls
Tomy Buildable MLP Vinyls 
These figures are quite unknown. Even in the United States. I myself knew of their existence and saw them for the first time in a picture on the MLPArena and I was like ... ehhh? Anyway if you suddenly see them in a Gachapon Machine in Europa Park in Germany, you of course get thrilled and try to get as much 2 euro coins to slam into the machine. These things are rare, and uhm ... not exactly the most beautiful figures around...