Store Finds: New Logo, G4.5 Fashion Squad, Many International Finds & More

So much to do and so little time! We're back in the new year with more store finds, but we'll keep the writing in this edition a bit short. We still want to get this post out to not let the backlog grow too big and keep you updated on all recent finds!
If you happen to find brand new stuff in your local store, then feel free to write us a small message with photos.

Online - Sunny's Day: First Merch With New Logo

According to our logs this is the first released merch that features the official new logo of My Little Pony! So far no figures have been spotted to rock the new logo on the packaging, but several books are being printed with it, of which Sunny's Day (Amazon) is the first.
(Thanks to Victor)

Online - Just Play 5-pack and Room Reveal Pipp

The first reports of shipped plush packs from Just Play are coming in, and all ponies have enough space in the packaging! Room Reveal Pipp (Amazon) is also being sent out.
(Thanks to Victor)

US - G4.5 Fashion Squad at Dollar General

This appears to be the first sighting of the G4.5 Fashion Squad figures in the US! Not at Target or Walmart, but only at Dollar General at the moment.
(Thanks to Splash Lights Photos)

US - Bath Robe & Valentine Activity Set

Walmart recently listed this cute bath robe online, as well as a "Valentine" activity set.
(Thanks to Samantha)

Mexico - YuMe Plush

Over in Mexico the Izzy plush by YuMe has been spotted! It's likely that Sunny and Zipp have been released as well, but we didn't see photos of that yet.
(Thanks to Samantha, photos by Hazel)

Australia - Forever Sassy Suitcase

At Australia Post you can now buy/order this absolutely adorable suitcase featuring Pipp Petals!
(Thanks to Chirpy)

Singapore - G5 Bags & Cases

On Singaporean online shopping sites Shopee and Lazada a lot of new G5-themed bags and cases have been found that look really cute!
Links: Handbag, Backpack, Pencil Bag, Pencil Bag 2, Stationery Set, Pencil Tin and DIY Coloring Backpack.
(Thanks to Solbit)

Colombia - G5 Notebooks by Norma

Over at Panamericana in Colombia (and possibly other countries too) you can get these cute notebooks by Norma. They all come with a MLP sticker sheet as well.
(Thanks to Doll world)

Indonesia - MLP G5-themed Lollipops

We don't get much news from Indonesia, so that's always welcome! In several stores you should be able to find these licensed G5 lollipops by JLO FIzzle Pop. Aside from the packaging there doesn't seem to be any themed content included.
(Thanks to Solbit - photo from YouTube)

Russia - Glittery Mosaic Set

Russian manufacturer Simbat has released this MLP MultiArt mosaic set with which you can decorate pony images with 300+ glittery mosaic tiles. Surprisingly the featured ponies are not the common trio of Sunny, Izzy and Pipp, but in fact it's Hitch and Zipp that are getting the attention this time!
(Thanks to Solbit)


  1. It's good to know that Equestria girls still is going, little, but go!!
    I hope that those figures arrive Mexico ^^

  2. im excited the hitch plushies are shipping i hope they release him seprate if they dont then ill probs buy the set (i only have the sunny plush rn) so it would be good to get the set and that izzy plush looks super cute as for the equstria girls dolls i saw them at meijer and ollies like months ago so idk if they got them early

  3. that suitcase looks so cute :D