Mighty Jaxx Announces Kwistal Fwenz Series Two

After releasing two waves of Hidden Dissectibles, Mighty Jaxx started a brand new series of My Little Pony figures at the end of last year with the Kwistal Fwenz. While this was a surprising move from Mighty Jaxx, knowing their regular line-up, it did turn out to be a success and that's why we can now share the second series with you!

Whereas the first series featured only mane 6 ponies, series two is getting a large selection of fan favorites. The amount of figures this series is upgraded from 7 to 9, of which Nightmare Moon is the rare chase figure. Aside from her the regular packs have an even chance to include Muffins/Derpy, Lyra Heartstrings, Maud Pie, Spitfire, Starlight Glimmer, Princess Celestia, Princess Luna or Spike.

All ponies come with a chibi body and translucent, glittery mane. The base for each figure contain a unique Forreal Verified NFC chip that you can use to register and authenticate your Kwistal Fwenz. Each box also comes with a collector card.

This second series will be available from June 22 as single packs or a full box with 8 packs. The latter will guarantee 8 unique figures. If you plan to get them next June, don't forget to register with our referral link that will give you $10 off $100.

Mighty Jaxx Announces Kwistal Fwenz Series Two


  1. Not available for pre-order as of April 22

    1. The dates mightyjaxx gives for its releases are the earliest you can buy them unless if your account has 1 day early access. Unlocking early access requires buying a lot of stuff

  2. Oh wow, series 2!, really I love those figures, but.., well..., the economic....
    Starlight Glimmer looks super cute with her kite, her favorite hobby! ^^