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MLP Wave 16 Crimson Gala, Berry Green and Berry Green Blind Bag
We already got the chase figures for the 16th wave of the Blind Bags. But quite some people wondered what the regular ponies would look like. We guessed they would be pearlized as we've found a Roseluck and Berry Green with this effect on Ebay. We also guessed it would be a re-release of Wave 6.

MLP Possible Fire Streak Wonderbolt Blind Bag
And even more Wave 16 Blind Bags are slowly appearing on Ebay as Berry Green has been found. She was also part of Wave 6 and she matches the design with the Roseluck one we found not long ago.
 Besides her we also found a new Wonderbolt but we have no idea who he/she is. By looking at several of the Wonderbolt members it could be that it's "Fire Streak" it's still also unknown how all these will be released as more Wonderbolts have been found as well. The Wonderbolts got featured in the 7th Wave of the Blind Bags so they could be released for Wave 17. But they could all be released in a special set as well.

We hope to provide more information soon.

It seems like a brand named Rudolf Stein has released a new kind of MLP Merchandise. What we have here are "Mascots" these are small ponies who come with a suction cup and a plastic peg which you can attach to them on their back. because of this you can stick them anywhere you want! For example on you can attach them to your glass or bag. There are also quite some Ponies to collect besides the mane-six. You can also collect Minuette, Roseluck and Berry Green.

These were all spotted at Newcastle Comic-Con
Thanks a bunch to Nina for the heads-up and images!