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MLP Twilight Velvet Blind Bag Figure
Some new Blind Bags have appeared on Ebay again. Thought the past ones that we found were confusing? Well this doesn't help much either as it turns out that two versions of the same Blind Bag have been found. All the characters that we spotted will be part of Wave 16. We know that they will be pearlized as we in the official Amazon listing of these.

Now about two days ago we spotted a new variant of Peachy Sweet and Merry May. Both of them had painted manes alongside the pearlized bodies. We thought that maybe they would be part of Wave 17 but now that we've found this it seems very unlikely for Hasbro to release the same ponies in the next wave but just with painted manes. So what's going on? Will there perhaps be two versions of the same wave? (one for the US/EU and one for the UK?) Will these be the final versions instead of the solid ones? (seems unlikely because of the listing)  It's all one big mystery and let's hope it will be solves soon.

MLP Wave 16 Crimson Gala, Berry Green and Berry Green Blind Bag
We already got the chase figures for the 16th wave of the Blind Bags. But quite some people wondered what the regular ponies would look like. We guessed they would be pearlized as we've found a Roseluck and Berry Green with this effect on Ebay. We also guessed it would be a re-release of Wave 6.

Sweet Apple Acres
The Amazon Prime Day sale is currently ongoing and we've just missed the Flash Sentry & Twilight Sparkle sale, but luckily we're in time to report on the next one. Coming in about half an our is an Amazon Prime exclusive deal on the Sweet Apple Acres set from the Friendship is Magic Collection.
The sale will start at PST 12:00 PM / EST 3:00 PM / CET 9:00 PM and the exact price will be announced at the start, but the set is currently already down to $15.99.
Note: The sale is only available for Amazon Prime members, but even free 30-day trial members are eligible for today's sales.