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MLP Cutie Mark Magic Friendship Flutters Buttonbelle Brushable
It's been a while since the announcement of the Wave 2 Water Cuties Brushables and the Fantastic Friendship Flutter ones but both of them are now finally available for order on Amazon. We've included the listings for them below. Remember that a limited amount of them are available now and that they can be sold out soon. So be fast if you want them. :)

Water Cuties Wave 2
Two months ago we first spotted high quality images of the second wave of Water Cuties figures, and we've now received several reports of people finding them in stores!
The second wave features Rainbow Dash, Lily Blossom and Blossomforth with translucent wings, filled with water and glitter. The figures come in the same packaging as the first wave and now have a Zapcode to be used in the Friendship Celebration app.
In the UK these have been found at Tesco, and Mexico has them at Walmart. Thanks to Andres and Katy for the info and images!

We already spotted them at the New York Toy Fair 2015 but since today they have been spotted on Amazon as well together with their stock images.  We are of course talking about the second wave of the Cutie Mark Magic Water Cuties line.  While the first wave featured ponies with translucent bodies,  this time only the wings are filled with water.  The ponies included are Blossomforth,  Lily Blossom and Rainbow Dash.

No release date is included but we keep you guys up to date.

Blossomforth, Lily Blossom and Rainbow Dash Water Cuties Brushables
The newly announced second wave of the Water Cuties Brushables have been spotted at the NY Toy Fair. These will work the same as the regular releases but instead of the whole body, this time only the wings of the Ponies will be transculent and filled with Glitter. This wave features Blossomforth, Lily Blossom and Rainbow Dash.

Thanks to The Fight Nerd for the video!

Cutie Mark Magic Charm Wings Fluttershy Brushable
In a certain pdf found on the Hasbro Investor website more information was found about future releases for this fall. There's quite a lot of things so let's start! Lets hope a lot of these will be revealed tomorrow during the NY Toy Fair 2015! We will keep you guys updated.

Thanks to adventuresinponyville for the heads up!