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Cutie Mark Magic Charm Wings Fluttershy Brushable
In a certain pdf found on the Hasbro Investor website more information was found about future releases for this fall. There's quite a lot of things so let's start! Lets hope a lot of these will be revealed tomorrow during the NY Toy Fair 2015! We will keep you guys updated.

Thanks to adventuresinponyville for the heads up!

MLP Wave 11A UK Blind Bag Codes
The just released wave 11 blind bags have made their way to the UK, again in the form of two separate sets. Right now Wave 11A is available at Tesco and somewhere in 2015 the other half of the set will be released.
Every UK blind bag set as of Wave 8 has been split into two sets of 12, each with other blind bag codes as the other releases. That's why it's important to recheck all codes and make them public. With help from xRoxieRarwx and Dead-Pon3 the list is now complete, and we've found an image of the UK-exclusive bag too (see above)!
Below is the list of blind bags in wave 11A with their blind bag codes. The codes have also been added to our Blind Bag Database. If you want more info on how you can use the codes to see what's inside a blind bag without opening it, read our guide: How To Use MLP Blind Bag Codes (Blind Bag Cheats).

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New Brushable Ponies!
And we keep posting and posting. Quite some work. We found listings on Amazon for a Deluxe Winged Button Belle (also known as Suri Polomare), Rarity and Trixie. The listing descriptions don't give any information what to expect since they all describe the Friendship is Magic line in general. We still included them.

No release date, images and price are known yet. But we will let you know when we find out more!
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