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Wave 3 Water Cuties Found at Walmart
After quite some time the third wave of Water Cuties has been found in stores. Above photo was taken at a Walmart in Chicagoland area earlier this week. Price details are unknown, but the previous waves are currently priced $13 at Walmart.
This wave contains only two figures: Applejack and Flower Wishes, in contrast to the earlier waves, which contained three each.
Thank to Felipe for the image and info!

MLP Applejack Water Cuties Explore Equestria
Earlier today we posted about the just announced Applejack and Flower Wishes Water Cuties, and the new toyline that this will be released under. The images were too small to read it exactly, but thanks to Entertainment Earth we now know the answer: Explore Equestria!
At the moment it's still a bit vague what the unique feature of this line will be, because the Water Cuties have their regular Cutie Mark Magic styled box and usual Water Cuties bodies.
The Explore Equestria theme has the potential to introduce loads of new toys to My Little Pony, with more vehicles or non-pony characters from around Equestria for example! But for now we'll have to wait for more releases and images before we know the direction of this toyline for sure.
And we can guarantee you one thing: We'll keep you posted!

This information appeared first on with image credit to Entertainment Earth.

Water Cuties Wave 3 Announced
While the second wave of Water Cuties has just been released, the next wave already popped up! This listing has been found at Entertainment Earth, and various other merch websites have posted the same info: The next wave will contain only two ponies, being Applejack and Flower Wishes. This selection will probably mean that the 3rd wave will contain fully transparent ponies, instead of just the wings like wave 2 has. The release date for these snow globe-like figures is set for October 2015, so that's pretty soon.
Thanks to adventuresinponyville & Wardah for the heads up!

Water Cuties Wave 2
Two months ago we first spotted high quality images of the second wave of Water Cuties figures, and we've now received several reports of people finding them in stores!
The second wave features Rainbow Dash, Lily Blossom and Blossomforth with translucent wings, filled with water and glitter. The figures come in the same packaging as the first wave and now have a Zapcode to be used in the Friendship Celebration app.
In the UK these have been found at Tesco, and Mexico has them at Walmart. Thanks to Andres and Katy for the info and images!

We already spotted them at the New York Toy Fair 2015 but since today they have been spotted on Amazon as well together with their stock images.  We are of course talking about the second wave of the Cutie Mark Magic Water Cuties line.  While the first wave featured ponies with translucent bodies,  this time only the wings are filled with water.  The ponies included are Blossomforth,  Lily Blossom and Rainbow Dash.

No release date is included but we keep you guys up to date.

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Review Marathon #4 - Water Cuties
In today's Review Marathon episode we take a look at the Rarity and Diamond Mint Water Cuties. This is the first wave of Water Cuties figures, which also contains Pinkie Pie. The figures are comparable to the Rainbow Shimmer figures, but with another mold.
You can watch the video on YouTube, or embedded below:

Blossomforth, Lily Blossom and Rainbow Dash Water Cuties Brushables
The newly announced second wave of the Water Cuties Brushables have been spotted at the NY Toy Fair. These will work the same as the regular releases but instead of the whole body, this time only the wings of the Ponies will be transculent and filled with Glitter. This wave features Blossomforth, Lily Blossom and Rainbow Dash.

Thanks to The Fight Nerd for the video!

And this new line of figures was also spotted on Amazon today: Water Cuties as a sub-line of the Cutie Mark Magic line featuring Diamond Mint, Pinkie Pie & Rarity so far. This line will be a new take on the Rainbow Shimmer line of watter filled ponies, but this time only the wings will be filled with water! A pretty weird selection of ponies if you ask me, since none of the ponies actually have wings in the show (Rarity confirmed for alicorn, eh?).
All of these brushables have very new Hasbro product codes (Bxxxx) and have no image, price or release date available yet.
Below you can read the full descriptions and we'll let you know when more info arrives!
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