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Store Finds: Friend of Equestria, BaB Celestia, Playskool Baby & Much More!
We're back with a merch-filled store finds post! In this edition we show you more Playskool Baby merch, an exciting release at Costco, loads of random items at Dollar Tree and much more.
If you happen to find brand new stuff in your local store, then feel free to write us a small message with photos.

My Little Pony Cheerilee Build-a-Bear Plush
Let's start the year with some big news: Cheerilee is the next pony at Build-a-Bear. It was a bit quiet around BAB with Sunset Shimmer being released last year. Just like the other ponies she will be released with a cape as well. Although she's listed as non available on the website right now. With the exception of the UK plush + clothes set. But the loose pony is listed as n/a as well... She should be available very soon as we have the listings. But we'll let you know when she is.
Have the listings and other info below!

My Little Pony Build-a-Bear Sunset Shimmer Plush
We knew she was coming for quite some time but we decided to keep it a secret to protect employees. But now she's finally listed on the Build-a-Bear Website: Sunset Shimmer!

Songbird Serenade My Little Pony the Movie Build-a-Bear Plush
At the end of August Build-a-Bear officially released their range of My Little Pony Plush, starting with Tempest Shadow and seapony versions of Pinkie Pie, Rainbow Dash and Twilight Sparkle. Australia also got Songbird Serenade, but a release in the US and UK was not found at the time. Later we learned that the release date for her was pushed back to September 21st and.... guess what day it is!?

Store Finds: Plush, Hair Bow Cards, Movie Books & More
This week we have a huge post with all the latest store finds from around the world! And of course we see some more releases from the movie series, but also some random merch, close-up photos of the new Build-a-Bear plush and loads of books from the movie.
If you happen to find brand new stuff in your local store, then feel free to write us a small message with photos.

My Little Pony the Movie Plush at Build-a-Bear
Quite some activity this night with all the messages we got of the Build-a-Bear Ponies. Didn't expect anything else though since it was clear they would be released today. Anyway Build-a-Bear now has movie plush of Tempest Shadow and Songbird Serenade, and Pinkie Pie, Rainbow Dash and Twilight Sparkle received new versions. As usual a lot of clothing has also been released along with a song from the movie. All of these should now be available in stores. However some listings have appeared only on certain sites. We'll try to update this as we find new ones.
UPDATE 1: According to the Build-a-Bear Facebook: Songbird will arrive the 21st of September.
UPDATE 2: Songbird Serenade is now available worldwide! Listing have been added.

Have all the items and listings below. Thanks to everyone for the heads up!

Tempest Shadow and Songbird Serenade Coming to Build-a-Bear
We've had word from a reliable source that Build-a-Bear is going to release both a Tempest Shadow and Songbird Serenade plush on the 31st of August to kick-off their MLP The Movie line. Also included are some of the mane 6 ponies with a slightly updated design and capes with a seapony tail style.
It would actually be a surprise to see a Songbird Serenade figure being released outside of Target, but as this is not a Hasbro-released plush or figure it's probably seen as an exception on the rule.
While there are no images released yet, it's pretty certain that this will be the line-up for Build-a-Bear this fall. Stay tuned for images as we'll be sure to post them as soon as they're out!

MLP Big Macintosh Build-a-Bear Plush

Quite an unexpected and sudden release as this listing has appeared on the Build-a-Bear website. Looks like you're now able to order Applejack's Big Brother Big Macintosh. According to the listing he'll cost $30.00 and he's also an online exclusive.

You can find the listing here.

Thanks to Anonymous for the heads up!

Trixie, Fluttershy & Rarity Back at Build-a-Bear
Build-a-Bear US has sent an e-mail to their subscribers about a big restock in their online store: Trixie, Fluttershy and Rarity are once again available, including their accessories. On the My Little Pony brand page of the online BaB store you can find all available ponies and accessories. The e-mail states that this is "Online Only", so don't expect these to appear in stores.
Thanks to Mindy & PixelTrix TV for the info!

Detailed Images of Starlight Glimmer BaB Plush
Many people already visited their local Build-a-Bear store to get the latest My Little Pony character plush: Starlight Glimmer. One of our followers, CottonTALE, was kind enough to send us some photos of what she's actually look like, especially for those who are still in doubt on whether to get her or not.
In the photos you can see that they took some special arrangements to keep her hair in place by stitching various parts of it. If you're looking to give her a custom hairdo, you might need to keep that in mind. Also, I'm not sure if it's the lighting in the picture, but the color of her coat looks more towards salmon than her regular, brighter pink.