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Exclusive: Wave 22 Blind Bag Characters Revealed!
Only 8 days ago we first saw Wave 21 blind bags in stores, and in record time we've got images and names of all upcoming Wave 22 characters!
This next wave is a pretty close tie-in to the previous wave in that it's a mixture of Crystal ponies, Apple family members and some Rarity episode-related characters thrown in too. In contrast this wave does feature a bit more well-known characters like DJ Pon-3, Big McIntosh, Octavia and Starlight Glimmer. From the official mane 6 we only see Rainbow Dash in this series.

Chase figures can be identified by the same glitter-mane as in wave #21, which are Rainbow Dash, Thunderlane, Derpy/Muffins, Fluffy Clouds and Fire Streak.

Below we have a list of all characters names plus images of both the figures and their show counterparts.

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It couldn't take long until we saw another plush on FrontWinner. Currently they release a new pony plush about each week. This time it's a somewhat less important character in the show, and I didn't expect her showing up. As usual these plushies will fidn their way to eBay, Taobao and Alibaba within a few days. Do keep in mind that these plushies are fake.

Thanks to nogames from the MLParena for the images!