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Store Finds: Mystery Stampers, Fidget Its, Wave 22 & More!
We're back with another summary of what My Little Pony stuff is new in stores and online! This week we have some never before seen Mystery Stampers, the release of two blind bag waves, a 19" Pinkie Pie and much more!
If you happen to find brand new stuff in your local store, then feel free to write us a small message with photos.

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MLP Merch Poll #132MLP Merch Poll #131 Results
Last week we asked you what your thoughts are on the Seal of Authenticity that Hasbro added to official MLP merch as of lately. Almost 40% of you are going to check the seal whenever they buy merch in the future, and another 22% think it's a good idea, but will not specifically look for the seal. Then there's a group of 17% that thinks the seal is overdue and 20% doesn't see the value in it.

Exclusive: Wave 22 Blind Bag Characters Revealed!
Only 8 days ago we first saw Wave 21 blind bags in stores, and in record time we've got images and names of all upcoming Wave 22 characters!
This next wave is a pretty close tie-in to the previous wave in that it's a mixture of Crystal ponies, Apple family members and some Rarity episode-related characters thrown in too. In contrast this wave does feature a bit more well-known characters like DJ Pon-3, Big McIntosh, Octavia and Starlight Glimmer. From the official mane 6 we only see Rainbow Dash in this series.

Chase figures can be identified by the same glitter-mane as in wave #21, which are Rainbow Dash, Thunderlane, Derpy/Muffins, Fluffy Clouds and Fire Streak.

Below we have a list of all characters names plus images of both the figures and their show counterparts.