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MLP Pinkie Pie Friendship is Magic Collection Commercial
Looks like a new commercial has been released and this time it's for the Pinkie Pie Friendship is Magic Collection. Even though this wave got released some weeks ago it seems like the commercials has just popped up. But I bet this is actually quite normal as we've seen it happen before.

You can watch the commercial below.

New FiM Collection Large Story Packs on TRU Website
The two large story packs from Pinkie Pie's Friendship is Magic Collection arrived on the Toys"R"Us website. Twilight Sparkle and Cranky Doodle are available at a discounted $6.99 per set and are both in stock right now.
Currently these are the only two sets from the new Friendship is Magic Collection that are available on the TRU website, but people already spotted some other figures from the line in stores and other websites.

Pinkie Pie Friendship is Magic Collection
Even before we had the chance to get official stock images, the latest Friendship is Magic collection revolving around Pinkie Pie has been released at Target and Toys"R"Us!
All the regular packs have been found in these stores, except for the Pinkie Pie Sweet Shoppe playset. We hope to see some online listings soon, but for now you can find them at Target and Toys"R"Us, but this may vary per region.
Prices are equal to the original Applejack FiM Collection:
- Single Story Pack $2.99
- Small Story Pack $4.99
- Large Story Pack $9.99
- Ultimate Story Pack $21.99 (not confirmed yet)

Thanks to PixelKitties for the info and images!

MLP Friendship is Magic Collection Pinkie Pie Sweet Shoppe with Cheese Sandwich
And at last the whole second wave of the Friendship is Magic Collection has been revealed. As you can see this time it's all about Pinkie Pie! All these listings have been found on the BigBadToyStore Website. Have all the sets below!