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Detailed Images of MLP Fidget Its Cubes & Spinners Revealed
It was one of the biggest discussions of the month: Hasbro is rapidly going to start Fidget Its: their own line of fidget spinners and cubes to take on the current hype with their own designs and characters. Back when we wrote that post not a lot of finalized pictures were available, aside from low quality prototype renders, but now we've finally got hold of better images for both the fidget cubes and spinners.

Hasbro Starts Fidget Its Line of Fidget Spinner and Cubes
It's debatable whether the fidget hype is on it's top or already on a retreat, but this hasn't stopped Hasbro to join in on the production of fidget spinners and fidget cubes. The new brand is named Fidget Its and four months after the trademark application we're starting to see the first item descriptions, included characters and even some images!