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MLP The Movie Rainbow Dash Undersea Sports Movie Scene Pack
About a month ago we spotted a lot of new Amazon Listings. Turns out that some of them have gotten some nice HQ Stock images and information. We get a look at the third wave of the All About Brushables, but we also see some brand new items like the Movie Scene Pack with Rainbow Dash as well as the second wave of the Glitter & Style Seapony brushables. 

Have the information, images and listings below! No word yet on availability though. Expect them this November/December.

The Ultimate My Little Pony the Movie Merchandise Guide
My Little Pony is back on the silver screen! After 7 seasons it's time for the first movie in My Little Pony's Friendship is Magic series, hitting theaters on October 6th.
And with this release in mind, we from decided to compile all the Movie Merchandise that's available in one ultimate post. This ranges from figures and plush to costumes, books and even collectible figures.

In the post below you'll be able to find all information on official toys and merchandise, including some information, images and where to get them.
Jump to: Brushables - Blind Bags - Guardians of Harmony - Plush - Funko - Books - Clothes - Miscellaneous

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Another Baby Hippogriff Flutter Cloud / Flash Feather SpottedAnother Baby Hippogriff Flutter Cloud / Flash Feather Spotted
Today another Baby Hippogriff figure in the same range as the Baby Seaponies has been found, but oddly enough it's called Flutter Cloud, just like another hippogriff that was found earlier. However, aside from that name they have completely different looks and thus we think it's very unlikely that they resemble the same character.

Continuing this thought we went back to the Amazon listings we found earlier, and what do you know: the product number matches that of the other hippogriff: Flash Feather. It could be a mistake for this single stock picture, but it's not unthinkable that loads of these figures end up in stores with misprint back cards. And the keen eye will see another difference: this "Flutter Cloud" didn't get the trademark logo after it's name!

Aside from these images no other information is available. We're still uncertain on the release date, but with images available it shouldn't be too long, our bet would be late October or early November.

Thanks to Sanada for the heads-up!

My Little Pony the Movie Pinkie Pie Fashion Style Brushable
Yesterday we posted about a massive amount of new Amazon listings. Turns out that a few of them actually already received some stock images. The first one is for Cloud Flutter the Baby Hippogriff which we spotted in packaging before. And the second two listings are for a Pinkie Pie and Twilight Sparkle Fashion Style pony which will make the second wave of the movie Fashion Styles. (the first wave containing Applejack, Fluttershy and Rarity)

Princess Skystar Hippogriff and Songbird Serenade Already on eBay
If Hasbro is able to show it on conventions, you know it's already in production somewhere. And knowing My Little Pony this means that eventually some figures end up on Taobao and eBay.
The same story goes for the brushable versions of Songbird Serenade and the Hippogriff Princess Skystar, which has only been known a few hours now.
Neither of the figures comes with any accessories and the mane of Songbird has not yet been styled with the famous Sia-bangs.

Below we have listings of both figures on eBay, sold by a seller known for selling legit merch.
- MLP The Movie Songbird Serenade Brushable on eBay
- MLP The Movie Princess Skystar Hippogriff Brushable on eBay

Hipogriff Princess Skystar Spotted at HASCON
While most of the merch shown at HASCON this weekend was already announced at the NY Toy Fair or SDCC, but one kind visitor did send in a new find: a Hippogriff version of Princess Skystar!
So far she was only released in her seapony form, but we did read about a new release together with Pinkie Pie, so could this be the figure? The photo was taken at a playing area, so it's unclear what set she comes in, but it's definitely interesting to see her released in another form!
Aside from the obvious tall legs, she got some large yellow wings and feathered hooves.
Thanks to EddictedBrony for the photo!

My Little Pony the Movie Flutter Cloud Baby Hippogriff Figure
Quite an unexpected find here! Hidden in one of the listings of the second wave of Baby Seaponies was an image of a new character: Flutter Cloud. And yes you see that right, he/she isn't a Seapony but a Baby Hippogriff! I bet the people who have seen some spoiler might or might not know the relation between the Hippogriffs and the Seaponies but still it's really unexpected. We hope more will appear soon as well as more info!

Thanks to MLP Fever for the heads up!