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Up-Close Images of Integrity Toys Pinkie Pie & Fluttershy
Just like the earlier waves, Victor bought both new Integrity Toys dolls and sent in some close-up pictures of them! The Pinkie Pie and Fluttershy inspired dolls are the last wave of the HEART MLP line of high-quality collector dolls by Integrity Toys.
The dolls, that are sold at $130 each, are inspired by My Little Pony characters and have fictional "gamertag" names, but are often referred to as the pony they represent (in this case Pinkie Pie and Fluttershy). As seen in the images these are just as detailed as the earlier dolls, with a few extra accessories too, like a skateboard for Pinkie Pie.
All dolls are still available on the Integrity Toys website if you're interested in them.

Thus far these are the last dolls that Integrity Toys announced back in 2015. If new waves of dolls are ever announced we'll be sure to post it on our blog!

Integrity Toys Releases Fluttershy and Pinkie Pie Inspired Dolls
Today Integrity Toys has announced the arrival of the Fluttershy and Pinkie Pie inspired HEART MLP dolls in their online store. This means that the complete mane 6 has been released, and in fact they're all still available. All dolls are limited to 500 pieces and we have no idea what the current stock is, so the earlier dolls can be sold out at any moment.
The Integrity Toys <3 MLP doll series is a line of human dolls around 12-13" tall, each inspired by a pony from the mane 6. Today's dolls are inspired by Fluttershy and Pinkie Pie, respectively named kind_pegasus95 and okie_dokie_party. Below we have a few more details on both dolls, which are available right now.
(Thanks to Time Lord for the heads-up)

Integrity Toys Rarity and Applejack Dolls Up-Close
Just like last time, our noble submitter Victor bought the Integrity Toys dolls and took the time to get some neat pictures of them. This round Rarity and Applejack were available, which you can see all the images of below. The boxes themselves are still the same, apart from the vectors on the back, but the focus lies on the figures of course. The up-close photos should give you an idea of what the quality and level of detail is for both the figure and the clothing. These dolls don't come cheap at $130, but Integrity Toys really tried to create something unique here.
We know that the responses have been varied for these dolls, both regarding the design choices and the price, but at least you can get a good look on the dolls now without the need to purchase them!

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Rarity and Applejack Inspired Integrity Toys Dolls Now on Sale
Integrity Toys started the sale of two more Heart MLP dolls today, raising the total amount of available dolls to four. The addition of Rarity and Applejack was announced during the initial press release, but only two days ago the announcement got out that these dolls will be available on November 11th, hence the late notice.
Both dolls are available in the Integrity Toys store for $130 each and are limited to 500 pieces. Note that the earlier released Twilight Sparkle and Rainbow Dash dolls are also still available to purchase.
Below we have a bit more information on the dolls with plenty of images and the official listings for both of them!
Also thanks to Time Lord for the heads-up.

A Closer Look at the First Integrity Toys MLP Dolls
After the short flash sale a few days ago the first HEART MLP dolls by Integrity Toys have shipped. Thanks to two kind readers we now have some more detailed images of the actual dolls. The Rainbow Dash and Twilight Sparkle inspired dolls and sparkling_stargazer and sonic_rainbow_92 are still available, plus this might help people to decided whether they'll order and of the other upcoming dolls too, once they're announced.
Thanks to rainbow-plastic-obsession and Victor for the images!

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MLP Merch Poll #92MLP Merch Poll #91 Results
Last week we asked you whether you use our other websites. As expected not everyone is interested in the other brands, which ended up making 45% of the votes. Another big group, of 25%, is actually using both our other websites, and another 12% is using one of them. 10% of the voters learned something new as they didn't knew we had other websites, and the final 8% as other reasons to not use the websites.

MLP Intergrity Dolls
Integrity Toys has been very quiet the past year regarding their new <3MLP line of dolls. Their original release date for the dolls was set for the winter of 2015, but even at the start of 2016 no further information was given, and we didn't see final designs of the dolls either.
That changes today, as they've updated the product page, added official product images of all 6 upcoming dolls in the <3MLP line and shared a press statement with more information regarding the line and ordering information.
As seen in the image above the dolls are human fans, based on the mane 6, each with their own unique clothing and accessories. The Twilight Sparkle and Rainbow Dash fans have been shared as prototype images before, and the final dolls look very much alike. For the other 4 dolls this is the first time their styles are shared publicly, all with very much attention to detail.

My Little Pony Integrity Toys Twilight Sparkle Female Doll My Little Pony Integrity Toys Twilight Sparkle Female Doll
Integrity Toys has published a press release announcing their new line of figures called <3 My Little Pony. The dolls are inspired by My Little Pony fans and are designed as humans, in contrast to Equestria Girls, which are a form humanized ponies. The figures are 1/6th scale, which will result in 12" figures and come in a variety of designs, of which a Rainbow Dash male and Twilight Sparkle female have been released as preview images.
The dolls will be released towards the winter of 2015, and towards that release date more information about the figures, retail locations and price will be announced. At this moment you can subscribe to the mailing list of <3 My Little Pony for more information, but rest assured that we will also be sharing news on our blog. You can read the full press release below.
Thanks to Integrity Toys and Jason for sending this in!