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My Little Pony Limited Edition Pinkie Pie Bishoujo Statue by Kotobukiya

Some days ago Kotobukiya revealed a limited edition version of their Pinkie Pie Bishoujo statue. The statue has now been listed on Entertainment Earth and is now available for pre-order.

My Little Pony Kotobukiya Limited Edition Bishoujo Statue
Quite a surprise release. Last night Kotobukiya announced that they will release a Limited Edition of their Pinkie Pie Bishoujo Statue. The main difference being that the hair and manes are translucent and full with glitter, in addition to that her skin color has also changed to be the same pink shade as her pony counterpart, the base is also translucent and the box itself is also all shiny and sparkly. Looks lovely!

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Kotobukiya Applejack Bishoujo Statue Now Available for Pre-Order!
And we're staying with My Little Pony news from Japan today with the announcement that pre-orders for the Applejack bishoujo statue by Kotobukiya are now available! Aside form that we're also treated with a compilation of all final statue designs.
For example Entertainment Earth has her listed now with an expected release date of January 2021. However, Kotobukiya sticks to a November 2020 release date.
We have now listed all status in our database too, that is, until the Sunset Shimmer statue final design is published of course.

Colored Concept of Sunset Shimmer Bishoujo Shared by Kotobukiya
After the initial designs of the mane 6 bishoujo statues, Kotobukiya announced earlier this year that they would additionally work on a Sunset Shimmer statue, due to popular demand.
After nearly 3 months we finally got the confirmation that the Sunset Shimmer project has continued and we can now lay our eyes on the colored concept art for this upcoming statue. While it was already expected, we can now see that she's indeed rocking her original outfit with a purple top, leather jacket, orange skirt and boots. And she's accompanied by her pony form, who's posing like she's ready for action.
As seen on the poster, it takes some time to design and finalize this figure as it was not part of their original line up, and thus the release date is still TBD. When more info becomes available on a release date or pre-orders, we'll be sure to post about it here!

New York Toy Fair 2020 Wrap-Up
The 2020 New York Toy Fair is behind us so it's time for our yearly wrap-up. And this year has been quite disappointing for those who were expecting to see tons of new merchandise. Granted we'll probably see a lot more merchandise during the next Toy Fair in 2021 since the G5 Movie will be released the same year. For this year the focus lays on the new Pony Life Series which will debut this spring/summer.


Hasbro My Little Pony at New York Toy Fair 2020Hasbro My Little Pony at New York Toy Fair 2020
Hasbro didn't reveal many new items this year. Most of the items shown were Reveal the Magic Toys that are actually already available. Several new items have been spotted though, including the officially announced "Kiss my Unicorn" Princess Celestia and the Unicorn Sparkle Collection which comes with DJ Pon-3, Rarity, Starlight Glimmer, Trixie and Twilight Sparkle. Alongside those two we also got a glimpse at the Potion Princess Cadance, the Potion Dress-up Rarity and new Fashion Squad singles of Fluttershy, Rainbow Dash and Twilight Sparkle.
There was also an absence of Cutie Mark Crew, which leaves the question what future this line will see in 2020.
And lastly we can't ignore the absolutely adorable Fluttershy juice box cushion that was on display next to the Kiss my Unicorn figure. No idea what their plans are with this, but I sure hope this will be taken in production!
(Photos by My Froggy Stuff, Hasbro & Toy Caboodle)
Hasbro My Little Pony at New York Toy Fair 2020Hasbro My Little Pony at New York Toy Fair 2020Hasbro My Little Pony at New York Toy Fair 2020

Basic Fun

Basic Fun My Little Pony at New York Toy Fair 2020Basic Fun My Little Pony at New York Toy Fair 2020
Basic Fun My Little Pony at New York Toy Fair 2020Basic Fun My Little Pony at New York Toy Fair 2020
Retro Ponies
Basic Fun did show their upcoming sets of the second series of the Earth Ponies, Unicorns and Pegasi Ponies alongside the first set of Earth Ponies. The ponies that will be released as part of the Earth Pony II set are Cherries Jubilee, Lickety-Split, Posey and Tootsie. The Unicorn and Pegasi Ponies are Gusty, Sparkler, Suprise and Heart Throb.

Basic Fun My Little Pony at New York Toy Fair 2020Basic Fun My Little Pony at New York Toy Fair 2020
Mega Mashems
Brand new are these Mega Mash'ems, which are larger versions of the well known Mash'ems/Fash'ems that we've known My Little Pony versions of since 2013. This new line will start with 4 figures: Pinkie Pie, Rainbow Dash, Twilight Sparkle and Fluttershy in blind capsules.
Meijer has listed the Mega Mash'ems last week, including a high quality render of the packaging, but it seems to be down again.
(Photos by Juegos Juguetes y coleccionables)

Just Play

Just Play My Little Pony at New York Toy Fair 2020Just Play My Little Pony at New York Toy Fair 2020
More licensed product news come from Just Play, who will start to release My Little Pony plush this year, as well as another release of the large Pinkie Pie styling head, possibly with new packaging and accessories.
(Photos by Toy Caboodle)


WizKids My Little Pony at New York Toy Fair 2020WizKids My Little Pony at New York Toy Fair 2020
The role-play oriented figure designer WizKids recently released their unpainted miniatures, which are now in display in both packaged form and some painted samples. If you're interested in painting your own, they are available on Amazon.
(Photos by Bizzarro Toys)
WizKids My Little Pony at New York Toy Fair 2020WizKids My Little Pony at New York Toy Fair 2020

WizKids My Little Pony at New York Toy Fair 2020WizKids My Little Pony at New York Toy Fair 2020


YuMe My Little Pony at New York Toy Fair 2020YuMe My Little Pony at New York Toy Fair 2020
A new name here is YuMe, who showed their first line of My Little Pony licensed products. And they start off with a pretty large line-up, including plush in various sizes, a "Magic Advent Calendar" and most excitingly: a line of collectible stampers called Pony Pals. These small stampers with pony-figures come in their own dome, with their matching pet and interchangeable flooring to customize the domes. On the display we learn that the first series will include the mane 6 and 2 others who were (purposely) left out of frame. Perhaps Trixie and Potion Nova?
While the name YuMe probably sounds unfamiliar for you, people within the EMEA (Europe, Middle-Eastern, Africa) region will get to know them very well over the next year, as they become the primary partner for plush for these markets. This is especially welcome, as the amount of plush licenses dropped significantly in the past few years.
(Photos by Scott Rubin, thanks to Ayu for the heads-up)
YuMe My Little Pony at New York Toy Fair 2020YuMe My Little Pony at New York Toy Fair 2020

YuMe My Little Pony at New York Toy Fair 2020YuMe My Little Pony at New York Toy Fair 2020

YuMe My Little Pony at New York Toy Fair 2020


Kotobukiya My Little Pony at New York Toy Fair 2020
The bishoujo statues by Kotobukiya were also on display, but the most recent reveal of the colored Applejack statue was absent. However, the teaser poster for Sunset Shimmer was there and we get the confirmation that the Rainbow Dash statue will have a slightly increased MSRP compared to the other girls, which is also reflected on their US website now.
(Photo by Scott Rubin)

That was all for the 2020 New York Toy Fair! If you missed anything in this post, or have photos of your own, feel free to contact us.

My Little Pony Sunset Shimmer Kotobukiya Bishoujo StatueMy Little Pony Applejack Kotobukiya Bishoujo Statue
Several days ago pre-orders for the Kotobukiya Bishoujo Rainbow Dash Statue started but we have some more Kotobikuya news for you! On their twitter page they've revealed the colored version for the Applejack Statue which looks really good, but they have also announced a new character to join the line-up: Sunset Shimmer. This is quite interesting as her announcement came quite as a surprise, of course you can't have Equestria Girls/Anthro MLP Character without including Sunset Shimmer in my opnion. This also makes me wonder if they will eventually release other characters as well overtime such as the Princesses, Starlight etc.

More info regarding Sunset Shimmer is coming soon. A painted Rainbow Dash and Applejack will be shown during this years Wonder Festival on the 9th of February.

Kotobukiya Shows Final Rainbow Dash Statue Design + Applejack Concept
Plans can change over the time, and we've seen plenty of collectibles and ideas that never made the final cut. On the other end of the spectrum we have Kotobukiya who, after the initial announcement 2 years ago, is still following their steady pace of designing and releasing bishoujo statues based on the Mane 6.
Today they shared tons of photos of the finalized Rainbow Dash statue design, and it's stunning! She's still true to the initial mane 6 concept art and features a tad darker skin color than the other girls and has a very playful and dynamic pose. As with the others there is plenty of detailed designing that got into the statue, and even the pattern on the bottom of the shoes has been thought of. Especially impressive is the hair style and "floating" jacket that Rainbow Dash combines with a white tank top and hot pants.
The pony Rainbow Dash next to the statue is also striking a pose and is ready to fly at any moment. With 3D eye lashes and styled hair the pony got the same level of treatment as her human counterpart. Both are placed on a circular base with a light blue and white cutie mark pattern.
More images of her can be found below.

Better Look at Kotobukiya Rainbow Dash From NYCCBetter Look at Kotobukiya Rainbow Dash From NYCC
Even though the ink is still wet on our announcement post of the Rainbow Dash bishoujo statue from Kotobukiya we can share more info on her with you! As promised Kotobukiya showed the prototype statue at the New York Comic Con, and thanks to a Diana we can now have a look at the display they had over there.

Kotobukiya Shows Finalized Rarity + Rainbow Dash Prototype DesignsKotobukiya Shows Finalized Rarity + Rainbow Dash Prototype Designs
A small 3 months after the previous announcement from Kotobukiya we can happily say that the Rarity Bishoujo statue design has received it's layer of colors and was finalized. Matching her pony-form color schema, the humanized Rarity figure features a white shirt with purple skirt and belt and long wavy locks. She also rocks a gold bracelet and large necklace, together with a hair clip representing her cutie mark. The pony that accompanies the human statue is a well-designed 3D presentation of Rarity, being it with very heavy eyelashes. More images of both can be seen later in the post.
Just like the statues before, this stage of the development process also means that pre-orders are now available. So far we were only able to find a pre-order listing on the Kotobukiya site itself, but expect sites that usually offer statues like this to follow soon.

Kotobukiya News: Rarity Prototype and Fluttershy Pre-OrdersKotobukiya News: Rarity Prototype and Fluttershy Pre-Orders
We've got two great reports from Kotobukiya for you today: Both the prototype of the Rarity bishoujo statue and the final colored design of the Fluttershy statue (including pre-orders) too! News on the figures came in through Twitter and their official blog, and is just in time for the start of the SDCC today.

This is the first time we get to see a prototype version of the Rarity bishoujo statue, currently still in its unpainted state. The human statue has a very posh pose and outfit, combined with curly locks similar to her pony-equivalent and a seductive face. Rarity as a pony lays on the floor and comes with a greatly detailed mane and even sculpted eyelashes.

Of Fluttershy, who is the 3rd statue in the series, we now get to see the final colored design of her showing the bright hair color and contrasting details on her dress. Pony Fluttershy got some beautiful shaded wings, combined with show-accurate colors and details. The Fluttershy statue is now available for pre-order too, and has an expected release date of December 2019.