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Tsunameez Keychains Spotted at Hot Topic

Subscribers of our MLP Database newsletter might have seen this surprising release already, but what you might not know yet is that these Tsunameez keychains were found at Hot Topic!

MLP Chrome Blind Bag Figures Available Now
The Chrome My Little Pony figures by UCC Distributing are now available in the US. The figures have a unique chrome/metallic finish and besides the mane 6, Trixie and Princess Celestia are available too. All figures come with a stand and their designs are best compared to that of the magazine figures. They've been spotted as blind bags in Hot Topic (thanks to Victor), but are also supposed to be released at Target and Gamestop. If you prefer to buy them all directly there is an Amazon listing for the complete set.

MLP UCC Distributing Chrome Mini Figures
UCC Distributing (most known in the MLP world for their SDCC 2015 Baseball Pinkie Pie Figures) has announced some interesting new figures on their Instagram page: My Little Pony Chrome Figures. The description says that each of them is painted with some special chrome paint that has never been done before. There are a total of 9 to collect with a golden Pinkie Pie as chase figure. The Ponies included are the mane six, Princess Celestia and Trixie.

According to UCC they should be available in about three weeks at several stores like Target, Gamestop and more.

Thanks to NoneYoBuisness for the heads up!

MLP Pinkie Pie Dodgers MLB Figure
Several Baseball Themed Pinkie Pie figures have been spotted on Ebay! These are 6 figures of Pinkie Pie featuring clothes from several Baseball teams. The teams included are: Yankees, Cubs, Red Sox, Tigers, Dodgers, and Cardinals. These are the some of the UCC Distributing SDCC Exclusives that will be released this year.  Please note that these are not distributed by Hasbro. We're still waiting for their official exclusives after the Equestria Girls teaser from 2 days back.

Thanks to nogames and Jordan for the heads up!