Wave 18 Blind Bags Spotted + CODES!
After some early scoops on new blind bags we can finally confirm what Wave 18 looks like! The wave has been announced and the main line of figures have embedded glitter, some of them with a more gold-ish tint. The chase figures are still in line with the Nightmare Night theme, which includes Mr. and Mrs. Cake, Raven Inkwell, Minuette and Sprinkle Medley. The core of this wave consists of Wave 8 re-release figures, but there have been several changes, for example: Flim and Flam are not included in this wave.
Below we have a group shot of all ponies, including their blind bag codes. You can get a closer look at the figures in our MLP Blind Bag Database.

All My Little Pony Wave 18 Blind Bag Figures + Codes

Wave 18 Blind Bag Codes

(Images can also be found in our MLP Blind Bag Database)

AA Applejack
AB Big McIntosh
AC Royal Riff
AD Uncle Orange
AE Gilda
AF Fluttershy
AG Skywishes
AH Princess Cadance
AI Golden Harvest
AK Flower Wishes
AL Pinkie Pie
AM Sassaflash
AN Comet Tail
AO Sunny Rays
AP Gardenia Glow
AR Lemon Hearts
AS Rarity
AT Ribbon Wishes
AU Twilight Sparkle
AV Minuette
AW Mr. Carrot Cake
AX Mrs. Dazzle Cake
AY Raven Inkwell
AZ Sprinkle Medley

We hope you like this fresh information. If you want to repost the codes or images, include a link back to this page, or our blog. Thank you!


  1. When is this wave expected to be out?

    1. Considering that many waves don't even have W16 and 17 it may take a while.

  2. Minuette looks like one of those anime characters who always wears a mask.

  3. It may take a while oh bummer
    I really want them to come out now looks like i might have to wait til after the holiday season to find them.