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Wave 18 Blind Bags Spotted + CODES!
After some early scoops on new blind bags we can finally confirm what Wave 18 looks like! The wave has been announced and the main line of figures have embedded glitter, some of them with a more gold-ish tint. The chase figures are still in line with the Nightmare Night theme, which includes Mr. and Mrs. Cake, Raven Inkwell, Minuette and Sprinkle Medley. The core of this wave consists of Wave 8 re-release figures, but there have been several changes, for example: Flim and Flam are not included in this wave.
Below we have a group shot of all ponies, including their blind bag codes. You can get a closer look at the figures in our MLP Blind Bag Database.

Friends Forever #24 ComicFriends Forever #24 Comic - Subscription Variant
The 24th issue of the My Little Pony Friends Forever series has officially been released by IDW. In this issue we learn about the friendship between Rarity and Gilda, and we never see or read much about her, so this could be interesting!
As usual, the Friends Forever comic comes with two covers: A regular cover and a special cover for people who are subscribed to the series.
You can get the comic in your favourite comic shop, or online:

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MLP Friendship is Magic #37 Comic by IDW Cover by Andy PriceMLP Friendship is Magic #37 Comic by IDW Cover Variant by Tony Fleecs
Today the final chapter of the "Siege of the Crystal Empire" story arc got released. After this issue we will continue to the next story-arc in the FiM comic series. This issue is written by Jeremy Whitley and the artist for this issue is Andy Price just like the previous parts. There are a total of four covers:

  • The Regular Variant by Andy Price
  • The Subscription Variant by Sara Richard
  • The Retailer Incentive Variant by Agnes Garbowska
  • The Hot Topic Variant by Tony Fleecs

We also have some of the listings from Amazon:

MLP Friendship is Magic #37 Comic by IDW Cover Subscription Variant by Sara RichardMLP Friendship is Magic #37 Comic by IDW Cover Variant by Agnes Garbowska
"Siege of the Crystal Empire" Part 4! The epic Pony storyline of 2015 comes to a close! Mutiple characters must make crucial decisions that will have an impact on the Crystal Empire—and Equestria—forever!

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MLP Friends Forever Volume 6 Paperback Comic
And already the 6th Friends Forever Paperback has been listed on Amazon. Sure goes fast! This one contains again 4 issues of the Friends Forever Series: #21-24. This one included the stories of Spike & Zecora, Pinkie Pie & Princess Celestia, Applejack & Fluttershy and at last the one with Rarity and Gilda.

But as predicted (the last two issues aren't even released yet) you quite have to wait for this one as it will be released on February 9, 2016. But you can already pre-order it on Amazon for $16.92 at the moment while the normal price will be $17.99.

Pre-order it here!

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MLP Friends Forever #24 Comic by IDW Subscription Variant Cover made by Jay P. FosgittMLP Friends Forever #24 Comic by IDW Cover made by Amy Mebberson
And with every new FiM Comic a new Friends Forever one gets also announced. For this issue Gilda and Rarity get paired up as Gilda wants a new uniform for a new sports team in Griffinstone. Looking towards this one as these two are some of my favourite characters. It's good to see Gilda return. Georgia Ball will be the writer for this issue and Jay P. Fosgitt will be the artist. Two covers have been announced:

  • The Regular Cover made by Amy Mebberson
  • The Subscription Variant Cover made by Jay P. Fosgitt

Rarity has found a very difficult client in the form of Gilda the Griffon! Gilda demands the perfect uniform for a new sports team in Griffinstone. Rarity travels to the desolate kingdom and realizes there is more than fashion to be accomplished in the home of the Griffons!

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Royal Rare Cards
At the original announcement of the Equestrian Odysseys CCG expansion, Enterplay confirmed a few new types of cards will hit the playing field. And today Enterplay has shared the first images of new types! These cards will be added to the database when the whole series has been revealed.